The nakshatra occupied by the Moon when you were born is called Janma Nakshatra and it is considered very powerful and the most important nakshatra for you.

In the temple, during pooja’s and arti’s this is the nakshatra you would tell the priest along with your Gotra and Janma Rashi (the sign occupied by the Moon).

Homas and Pujas

The days when the moon transits your Janma Nakshatra is an excellent day to do your jyotish remedies. It is also the most prefered day for homas and pujas that you want to do.

Mantra and Deity

The deity that rules your Janma Nakshatra holds a special significance and one of the most simplest remedies that you can do is to chant the mantra of that deity on the days when the moon transits your Janma Nakshatra. For example, if your Moon is in Swati Nakshatra then Lord Vayu rules it and the mantra you can chant would be – Om Vayave Namah

Draw, Paint or Trace

You can also draw, color or trace the animal represented by your Janma Nakshatra on days when the Moon transits your Janma Nakshatra. This will help you get over any health problems and brings mental peace and happiness. For example, if your Moon is in Rohini nakshatra the animal symbol is Snake, so you can paint, color or trace a snake. You can even do that while chanting your personalized mantra.

The days when the Moon transits your Janma Nakshatra is also an excellent day to plant trees. You can plant a tree that connects to your Janma Nakshatra or the nakshatra of Saturn in your birth chart. You can also meditate under the tree represented by your Janma Nakshatra. To learn more about this visit

Monthly Nakshatra Pravesha Tracker

To know the days when the Moon will transit your Janma Nakshatra download the Cosmic Insights app and go to to the Monthly Nakshatra Pravesha module.

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