Did you know that in every month of the luni solar calendar there is a Shivratri?

The 14th waning lunar day also known as Krishna Chaturdashi is known as Shivratri. It is just a day before Amavasya.

The Shivratri in the month of Phalguna (Magha in south india) is celebrated as Mahashivratri, which usually occurs in the month of March/February.

Shivratri is an auspicious time to honor Lord Shiva and the best time to overcome darkness and ignorance in life.

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Upcoming Dates
Jan 19, 2023 Feb 18, 2023
Mar 19, 2023 Apr 18, 2023
May 17, 2023 Jun 15, 2023
Jul 15, 2023 Aug 14, 2023
Sep 12, 2023 Oct 12, 2023
Nov 11, 2023 Dec 10, 2023

BEST TIME for Shani and Rahu Remedies

Saturn and Rahu are Vayu tattva planets (Air element) and they cause disorder, chaos and restlessness when afflicted. The Nakshatra component of the daily panchang also represents Vayu tattva and that is why as the moon’s transit through the 27 nakshatras have a direct impact on our state of mind and emotions.

Shani and Rahu have the power to bring unrest to our prana or life force energy and that is why Pranayama or breathwork techniques such as Sudarshan Kriya are very effective to combat them.

Lord Shiva – the deity of the universal life force has complete control of Vayu tattva and vata dosha and HE has the power harmonize the malefic effects of Shani and Rahu.


  1. Listen to or chant the Sri Rudram
  2. The 14th tithi is a Jala tithi so you can worship Lord Shiva as Jambukeshwara – Om Jambukeshwaraya Namah can be chanted.
  3. You can chant the most powerful panchakshari mantra – Om Namah Shivaya.
  4. If possible, you can also perform Rudrabhishekam. It does not have to be elaborate just pouring water and milk on the Shiva lingam is very powerful.
  5. This is a powerful day for donation.
  6. It is also the best time to forgive yourself or someone who has hurt you in the past.
  7. You can chant the mantra – Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya as many times as possible during this time.
  8. Pranayama and Breathwork practices are very effective during this time.
  9. For personalized rituals download the align27 app.