Pushya is the most benign of all stars and is considered a favorable nakshatra for spiritual pursuits.

Worshiping Brihaspati (Deity of Pushya Nakshatra) when Moon transits Pushya bestows wisdom!
Bhavishya Purana (Chapter 102): Worshiping Brihaspati (Jupiter) in Pushya nakshatra, pleases Jupiter and the person is blessed with wisdom.
Worshipping Aswatta Tree will get the blessings of Pushya.

When Pushya Nakshtara falls on a Thursday, Guru Pushya Yoga, an auspicious time is formed. This yoga is also called Guru Pushya Amrit Yoga.
Guru Pushya Yoga is considered very auspicious for the following events:
– Laying the foundation of a new building.
– Spiritual knowledge, guidance from a Guru, father and fatherly figures.
– Learning mantras and chants!
– Opening or starting a new office or shop or business.
– Purchase of gold and jewellery is very auspicious.
– Acquisition of new vehicles.
– Buying a new home or shifting to a new home
– Initiating or entering into business deals!