Saturn to Jupiter and Venus – So, I am turning retrograde first. And you thought I was the slowest moving one?

Venus – I go next

Jupiter – Me too me too I can’t wait to move away from capricorn. I don’t like it here at all. I really want to go away from here.

Saturn – Well, I don’t want you here in my home (capricorn) as well. But I tried my best to stay away. But remember you have to be back in here in few months and we are going to get closer and closer.

Venus – Ahem ahem, stop it you guys. So what’s your plan for the retrograde phase Saturn?

Saturn – I just want to make sure people learned their lessons. If not I can reinforce it to them.

Jupiter – So strict and so rigid come on Saturn. Expand your horizon! Look beyond right and wrong.

Saturn – keep your discourses to yourself Jupiter. Making sure they learn the lessons is my duty. All am asking of them is to just take a pause and think of everything that happened since January 2020, analyse what were the key take aways what were the valuable lessons. Why did certain unpleasant events happen and what did they do to address that. If people do this, then I don’t have the need to be strict.

Jupiter – Sorry, I could not hear you I was meditating.

Venus – I heard it Saturn. Good for you! Way to go dude!

Saturn – What are your plans Venus?

Venus – I am kind of looking to teach people the value of finance and relationships. I want them to take some time out and organise this aspect of their life. I am home in Taurus. But I am kind of uncomfortable in Mars’s nakshatra you know what I mean.

Jupiter – I am unable to be spontaneous and I am forced to think through and plan my moves which is so not me! I have immense knowledge but I am losing my temper when teaching people. I am not in harmony with my own nature.

Saturn – Ok, talk when you are asked to next time. And how hard is it to be to the point? Anyway, I have no time for this right now. Bye Guys

Venus – Ok guys bye bye see ya.

Jupiter – 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄