Conversation with Me, Rahu & Ketu about the upcoming Lunar eclipse &  Some Useful Tips!

Rahu to Ketu – I’ve been waiting for this day! It’s time for us to take revenge!

Ketu to Rahu – Oh yes, I forgot about that – Good that you reminded me!

I intervened and asked Rahu – What revenge? Why?

Rahu – (roaring with the evil laughter) What Revenge……? Don’t you know that the sun and moon are my enemies? 

Ketu – Mine too, this is probably one of those rare occasions where I team up with you Rahu.

Me – But why?

Rahu – I don’t have time for that explanation now. You can read more about the story of Samudra Mantan and how the sun and moon complained about me, I was known as Swarbhanu son of Simmika at that time. I was an asura and I wanted my fair share of the Amrit. But the Devas camp, with the help of Lord Vishnu who disguised as Mohini, cheated us. But I saw through this trickery and disguised as a Deva to receive the Amrit from Mohini.  But then the culprits; Sun known as Surya and Moon known as Chandra, noticed me and complained to Vishnu. I started gulping the Amrit and Vishnu slayed me with his Sudarshan Chakra. Because I had a little bit of Amrit – the magical elixir – he could not kill me completely. But his Sudarshan Chakra cut me into two halves. The head is me Rahu, and the body without the head is Ketu! And we have this history with Sun and Moon!

Ketu – Don’t test my patience. Let’s plan now.

Rahu to Ketu – Yeah bro! You take care of the Sun this time and I will take care of the Moon!

Ketu – Sounds like a plan!

Me – So Rahu, please tell me what is it that you are going to do?

Rahu – We will obscure the light of the two luminaries, Sun and Moon, with our shadows! We are the Chaya Grahas (Shadow planets) mind you and we have the power to cause illusions! You will succumb to our Maya!

Me – How will I get affected?

Rahu – I will be in Cancer with the Moon. So wherever Cancer is placed in your chart it is the area of life that may go through some transformation.  It will be happening in the constellation of Ashlesha! And don’t just wait for the day that it will happen, our presence can be felt two weeks before and after the eclipse – and the after effects can last upto 6 months!

Me – Rahu, this is so not fair.. Can you please help?

Rahu – Why is it not fair? In a way, even if I am taking my revenge I am helping you!

Me – How?

Rahu – When eclipses happen, it is a great time for you to meditate. In fact it is the best time to meditate. Because I am busy with my revenge I am not affecting your meditation, The Earth, Moon and Sun are so well aligned for you to connect with their energies and go deeper! 

Ketu – Yes, we are all here just to help you go towards your final goal which is enlightenment. So stay away from your material pursuits and the usual blah blah about relationships, money, job, etc and focus on your “Self”. 

Rahu – Yes we eclipse the Sun (soul, consciousness) and the Moon (mind, emotions) – so the eclipse period is full of transformative energy. You can transform your life only if you are willing to embrace change! 

Me – Thank you!

Upcoming Lunar Eclipse – Jan 31– 2018

Timing – 5.51 am to 11:08 am EST 

maximum eclipse – 8.29 am EST

Zodiac sign – Cancer

Nakshatra – Ashlesha 

Lunar Eclipse in Ashlesha 

Ashlesha means to “Embrace, Cling, Entwine”.  It is one of the most mystical nakshatra and has a great spiritual significance. The deity that rules Ashlesha nakshatra are the Nagas – Serpent God.  Serpents are often related to secretive, creepy, hypnotic, poisonous creatures.  But we fail to realize that they have the power of insight and intuition to unlock the mysteries of life! 

The eclipse in Ashlesha has the potential to bring to light the darker side of our own inner nature and provide an opportunity for us to face up to reality and take a giant leap towards a more meaningful life! 

Days Leading upto the Lunar Eclipse and few days after the Lunar Eclipse 

  • Avoid new beginnings on the material level
  • If you have to sign contracts be sure to read any possible hidden agendas – remember Ashelesha nakshatra is ruled by mercury.
  • Avoid major purchases 
  • Do not start new medications, jobs or move homes/offices etc.
  • It is the perfect time to read Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – Maharishi Patanjali is considered as the incarnation of Ananta Sesha and has a mystical connection to the deity of Ashlesha. 
  • Avoid anything poisonous – The power of Ashlesha nakshatra is “Visasleshana Shakti” which translates as the “Power to Inflict Poison”  – Maintain a simple and healthy diet. Avoid poisonous thoughts and actions that can harm our own mind.
  • If you have your ascendant, sun, moon and other prominent planets in Ashlesha Nakshatra – you should take extra care about your health.  Do not take it lightly. Get medical advice without delays. Ashlesha Nakshatra also represents secret information! 
  • Establish a spiritual routine – Meditation, Yoga, listening to scriptures, listening to Mantras/Chants 
  • Clean your house and it is a good time to discard things that you do not use.
  • Postpone any major decision making – Be aware that you do not have the full information now to make a well informed decision.
  • If you are going through some intense emotions – know that it is only temporary. Do not let your emotions control your action. 

Day of the Eclipse

  • Offer Arghya to the Sun in the morning by chanting “Aum Suryaya Namaha” or listening to “Aditya hrudayam”
  • Take a shower before the eclipse begins and take a shower after the eclipse 
  • Do not eat left over food that was cooked before the eclipse.
  • Chant – “Aum Namah Shivaya” – 108 times – this strengthens our moon (mind) and listen to the Rudram Chant. 
  • Chant the mantra for Ashlesha Nakshatra – “om kham gam ashlesha nakshatrayai namaha” – as many times as you can during the eclipse.
  • Do Pranayama or breathing exercises. 
  • Meditate – after a nice yoga session and some pranayama – You will notice that the difference in the quality of your meditation! Enjoy and Soak in Bliss!
  • After you shower post eclipse it is good to donate to your favorite cause. 
  • Apply Gopi Chandan on your navel – This helps to prevent imbibing any negativity from the environment around us.
  • If you have time listen to Vishnu Sahasranama – Eclipse happens on a wednesday ruled by Vishnu and Ashlesha Nakshatra’s ruling planet is mercury. Vishnu is the ruling deity of Mercury.