This post is part of the Cosmic Conversations – A series of imaginary stories to help understand the nature of planets and their subtle qualities.

Venus is in the limelight after being combust by the sun and now crushed between sun and Ketu in the sky! This is affecting everyone based on the house where Capricorn is in their birth chart!

When I asked Venus about the whole scenario this is what Venus had to say

“I am in the limelight that makes me happy kind of! I love to be in the limelight. But sun and Ketu are not my kind of people you know so I am kind of stressed. I feel helpless! I love my freedom but the sun kind of restricts me quite a bit. I love to indulge and Ketu is the opposite of indulgence and pleasure!

Me to Venus – what does Ketu do to you ?

Venus – As you know Ketu is a very karmic planet! Ketu creates this dissatisfaction in me about my own self! Ketu is always trying to teach me lessons about love, relationships, material comfort etc which am already good at! Ketu creates this doubt in me about my own self and also about people who I love! So I always feel a lack when am with Ketu. I am forced to be more realistic and may be Ketu is trying to help me reconcile issues from my past lifetime! I end up criticizing myself and everyone around me because of the dissatisfaction that Ketu creates in me!

Me to Venus – well, that must be tough! What about the Sun?

Venus – it is not as bad as it seems! It hurts my ego a little but it’s manageable. When am combust meaning am too close to the sun he burns me down! But it gets better after that.

Me to Venus – Please tell us how we should handle this energy?

Venus – sure I can provide you a big list!

1. Be patient – do not rush into things

2. Don’t judge anyone – everyone is going through this in some part of their life based on the house where Capricorn is!

3. Don’t expect anything from your near and dear ones – you will be disappointed if you do so.. just let this phase pass.

4. Meditate – this makes Ketu happy and gives you his blessings!

5. Do not over think – especially about relationships! Just let it be for sometime and it will get better.

6. Give some space in relationships – this helps a lot during this time!

7. Allow room for imperfection and be okay with it!

8. Do not let your ego control you! Be mindful of that.

9. Chant Ganesha mantras for Ketu – Aum Gam Ganapathaye Namaha 108 times

10. Listen to Ganapathy Atharvasirsha

11. Do Arghya for the Sun

12. Donate beauty related items to young girls.

Me to Venus – That’s awesome! Thank you 🙏