Every nakshatra has a “Shakti” or “Power” associated with it. Chitra Nakshatra’s shakti is – “Punya Cayani Shaktiwhich translates as the “Power to gain merit in life through righteous actions”.

Chitra allows us to gain the fruit of our good karma that comes through righteousness.

Moon in Chitra nakshatra is all about “Creativity”

It brings in a lot of energy to create, shape and perfect whatever you want to do. It is ruled by Mars – Which brings in the energy needed to create. The deity associated with Chitra Nakshatra is Tvastr – The celestial architect. Tvastr is the maker of divine implements, especially Indra’s Vajra and the guardian of Soma. He is commonly called the “God of Maya (Illusion)”. So today you may experience themes related to creativity and illusion. The symbol of Chitra nakshatra is a “Pearl or Jewel’. You may also want to project your external beauty and appearance today. It will be a day of passion, beauty, expression and creativity.

Common themes for today

  1. You may be fond of Beautiful surroundings, Jewelry, Perfume, Cosmetics etc.
  2. You may look for extra comfort and luxury.
  3. You may prefer to work on Creative activities.
  4. You may experience some discomfort in your neck area.
  5. You may be sensual and passionate.
  6. You may project what you are not or you may feel that others are not showing their true color to you. There may be a cloud of illusion clogging around you.
  7. Not a good day to do things against the law.
  8. Not a good day for confrontation.

Mantra for today

Beeja Mantra – “Om Tam” and “Om Tham”.

Mantra – “Om tam tham chitra nakshatrayai namaha”


“Om Chitra Nakshatra Devataye Namaha”

Mudra for today – Brahma Mudra

You can tap into the creative energy today by doing this Mudra. It helps you focus and release stress.

  1. Sit comfortably with your spine erect.
  2. Rest your hands with palms facing the ceiling on your lap.
  3. Breathe in – and as you breathe in turn slowly to the right for upto 5 seconds. (Slowly with complete awareness).
  4. Breathe out – and as you breathe out bring your head to the center.
  5. Breathe in – and as you breathe in turn slowly to the left.
  6. Breathe out – and as you breathe out bring your head to the center.
  7. Breathe in – and as you breathe in look up stretching your neck as much as you can.
  8. Breathe out – and as you breathe out bring your chin to your chest stretching the back of your neck.

You can repeat this three times or upto 5 times.

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