This post is part of the Cosmic Conversations – A series of imaginary stories written to help understand the nature of planets, nakshatras and their subtle qualities!

Rahul was madly in love with Rhea. He finally felt like his life was complete! Day and night all he could think was Rhea!

Rhea loved Rahul too but not as much as Rahul loved her! Rhea started feeling overwhelmed with all the love and she did not know what to do and she slowly started distancing herself! Rahul did not give up and started to pursue her even more passionately. This continued for a while and suddenly Rhea decided to break up completely! Rahul was heart broken! He asked Saturn who is the reason for this. Saturn pointed him towards Ketu!

Rahul to Ketu – What is your agenda Ketu ? Why did you do this to me??????

Ketu – Your welfare is my only agenda.

Rahul – then why do you create so much pain for me by snatching rhea away from me.

Ketu – Short term pain! Long term gain!

Rahul – but still… why?

Ketu – Because, you get into your own bubble! So I keep bursting the bubble so you are able to become free.

Rahul – I don’t get it I need a clear answer!

Ketu – when you were blindly in love with Rhea did you not feel days were like hours and hours like minutes ?

Rahul – Yes I did! Time flies when am with her!

Ketu – how do you feel now ?

Rahul – minutes seem like hours and hours seem like days I feel so pathetic!

Ketu – From one extreme to another! In a few days your mind will settle down and minutes will feel like minutes hours like hours and days like days! Everything will be normal!

Rahul – so you don’t like people to be happy ?

Ketu – I want people to be truly happy! A happiness that does not depend on anything external!

Rahul – Then why did you bring her in my life in the first place ?

Ketu – To entice you! To teach you this lesson! This is my way of teaching you! I want you to look for true happiness which is beyond the material world! I want you to find yourself first before you find a partner!

Rahul – it will take me lifetimes to find myself! People call it enlightenment!

Ketu – no, it is possible here and now.

Rahul – How ?

Ketu – when you depend on your inner source of unlimited uninterrupted joy you do not look for joy from any “thing” or any person. You will be able to love just for the sake of love! Now you love because you feel empty and you need company. The love that you are feeling now is not love at all! But when you are so settled within yourself – your love will come from the space of sharing! You will have so much love inside you that you will want to share it with someone!

Rahul – Hmmm, how do I do that ?

Ketu – there is no one way to do it! Meditate, contemplate, be devoted to the higher power that is governing all of us including me!

Rahul – I still feel sad… but I will try…

Part 2 to be continued tomorrow……..