This post is part of the Cosmic Conversations – A series of imaginary stories written to help understand the nature of planets, nakshatras and their subtle qualities

Me to Chitra Nakshatra – Namaste! I am writing a blog post about how to win over people who fall under your asterism. Can you help me with some tips!
Chitra – Sure, happy to help! Ofcourse, Yes! Here are 21 tips that will help you win over me.

1. I am ruled by Mars – so know that I am courageous on the outside though I may have some fears inside of me which you may never know about.
2. I may either strive for perfectionism or strive to find balance in life.
3. If you see me shining, know that, I have had my own struggles to get to where I am.
4. I keep track of every single mistake you have done against me. So you can never escape that.
5. I am all for creativity and I love to create! I have the energy to fulfill my dreams and wishes.
6. If I decide to, I have the option to become the master of my destiny. The point is whether I decide to do it or not. But I have it in me!
7. Yes, I am ambitious to make my mark in the society but you may never notice that.
8. If you are not dynamic and energetic then you are wasting my time and yours.
9. I keep working and sometimes I never know when to stop and that leads to frustration at times. So you have to bear with me.
10. Craftsmanship inspires me! I love to go the extra mile to make things look beautiful.
11. I keep improving and perfecting things until I feel that it is the best, and the problem is I never feel satisfied.
12. I have a taste for luxury and comfort, but at the same time I am practical enough.
13. Give me a neck massage and you are in my good books already!
14. I love being photographed, even if I don’t admit. So take a lot of pictures of me and publish it on social media and make sure it gets a lot of likes!
15. Don’t expect me to sit still for long period of time. I like to be on the move.
16. There is always more than what meets the eye – So don’t expect to know me fully until you have spent enough time with me.
17. Uncertainty is something I am not able to manage so efficiently. So do not put me ion situations like that.
18. I love jewelry and my choices are very unique.
19. Harmony & Balance captivates me.
20. I may be aggressive and dominant at times and I do not like to be told that I am.
21. I may see through the mask you are wearing, and I can look through illusions. So be aware of that.

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