Sage tumburu and Sage Narada were both exceptional Veena players.
Sage tumburu is the chief of the gandharvas (divine musicians) and he always plays in the court of Lord Indra and the other devas.
Lord Vishnu is very fond of Sage tumburu’s music and many a times the Lord has showered him with praises. Sage Narada, one of the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu tried hard to get appreciation from Lord Vishnu for his music, but in vain.
Sage Narada started to practice day and night and when he felt he was ready he went to Sage tumburu and challenged him. But he could not win and got humiliated. So he went to Rukmini Devi (Lord Krishna’s wife) and learned music from her.
After he finished his lessons he went to Sage tumburu and challenged him again. Both of them went to Lord Vishnu and asked HIM to judge the winner. Though Lord Vishnu loved both of their performance HE was unable to come to a conclusion. So the Lord advised them to go to Lord Hanuman as he is one of the best veena players and declared that he would be the best person to judge this competition.
Both the sages went to Lord Hanuman and told him about Lord Vishnu’s proposal. Hanuman happily agreed to judge the contest. The stage was set, all the devas and gandharvas assembled to witness the mega contest.
Both the sages played exceptionally well and Lord Hanuman was in a dilemma to choose a winner! Everyone assembled were eager to know the result of the contest!
Hanuman thought for a moment and came up with an idea. He got the Veena from both the sages, took out the frets from the Veena and asked the sages to play it!
The sages were furious and told Hanuman that this is ridiculous and no one can play the Veena without the frets! Lord Hanuman smiled and got the Veena from them, slided a bamboo stick on it and started to play! Divine and soulful melody came out of it and everyone assembled there were immersed in the music that was filled with devotion! They forgot to notice that Lord Vishnu himself appeared there and was immersed in the divine music.
When Lord Hanuman finished, both the sages accepted defeat and said that Lord Hanuman’s music was incomparable! Everyone then noticed the presence of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu told them that he was attracted towards the music and arrived there. HE told the sages that Hanuman’s music was filled with devotion and did not have an iota of ego! It was pure and filled with grace! When you do anything out of love and devotion it becomes magical! And this is the glory of total surrender to the divine!

This story teaches us that devotion brings grace into our lives! And Grace can move mountains! Lord Hanuman is the undefeated warrior and a perfect servant! And nothing can harm him. That is why in all mythological stories it is said that Lord Shani surrendered to Lord Hanuman and could not harm him at all!