Mercury retrograde (3rd – 22nd Dec, 2017)

A conversation with Mercury about it’s retrograde

Me – Mercury, everyone talks about you during retrograde, why is that?

Mercury – It’s the only way for me to get some attention isn’t it? No one talks about me when am not in retrograde!

Me – Ok, but what is your nature when you’re retrograde?

Mercury – Actually, I do more good when I’m in retrograde. Only if you have the wisdom to handle it!

Me – How?

Mercury – When I am retrograde, it is the perfect time to do anything that starts with “re” – reassess, redesign, restructure, reimagine, rethink, reflect, relax, rejuvenate, rewrite, reconsider, redevelop, rediscover, recheck, reevaluate, revamp, etc etc – I give you time to do all of that and I also provide you with a chance to go back in the past and reconcile unfinished things – who wouldn’t want that?

Me – So what’s so special about it happening in mula nakshatra this time?

Mercury – I am with Saturn. Who has anyway ordered you to dig deep into the mystery of life! And mula nakshatra is all about “roots” – you get the point! If you work with me I will help you uncover something truly magical!

Me – What is retrograde, are you moving backwards?

Mercury is laughing out loud! – If you are traveling in a car, and if a train passes by slowly – does it not create an illusion that the train is moving backwards? I am not moving backwards – its just an illusion! But I am not my natural self.

Me – What do you mean by natural self?

Mercury – I usually take care of your communication, your travel, your electronics, your paperwork etc. etc. – but you hardly notice it. But when I am in the retrograde phase I’m taking a break from you. So if you’re not smart enough, you may experience some chaos in my area of expertise. Got it?

Me – Hmmm, so what is the best possible advice for us?

Mercury – Do not start new projects, do not mess up your communication, be extra careful when you do things related to me – really this is an opportunity for you to do things with a layer of awareness! Slow down! Breathe! Meditate! Dig deep! Maybe write a journal. Recollect all that’s happened this year. Just reflect.. …and without my interference in between you can actually get access to something that you are truly seeking!

Me – What is that ‘something’?

Mercury – Your soul!!!!! Usually I have a say on how you perceive things. I add that extra layer of ‘this is good’, ‘this is bad’, ‘this is nice’, because I am your intellect.

Me – So this is an amazing time then! – why then do people scare us with this ‘retrograde’ stuff?

Mercury – Well, maybe because they all need something to talk about? After all media, which is also ruled by me, needs something to talk about right?

Me – Okay, thank you Mercury, you take care of yourself – Saturn is with you!

Mercury – YOU take care!