1. Every hour in a day is ruled by a planet and it is called “hora” which means “hour”. Meditate or chant the mantra of mars during the “Mars” hora.
2. Listen to Skanda Chants or Hanuman Chants on Tuesdays. Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Lord Skanda is connected to Mars. In the divine kingdom, Lord Skanda is the Army chief and similarly in the planet kingdom Mars is often referred to as the Commander in Chief!
3. Mars represents younger siblings. So spending more time and giving attention to the needs of your younger siblings activates the positive energy of Mars.
4. Write down your problems! – Mars has the capability to lead us to impulsive behaviors/decisions. If you feel agitated immediately open a notebook and write down whatever comes to your mind. Mars represents “ink” and writing will exhaust your excess Martian energy!
5. Sleeping on the floor is a great way to connect with mars! – According to mythology mars is born to “Bhumi Devi” (Earth).
6. Mars is represented by The Narasimha avatar of Lord Vishnu – So listening to or reading stories about Lord Narasimha and devotion of Prahlada is a great way to honor mars.
7. You can also apply Kumkum (vermilion) on your forehead to please Mars!
8. Blood donation is yet another effective way to honor Mars. Since mars represents “Blood” in our body!
9. Learn to recite The Hanuman Chalisa – this can change your life!

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