Pulippani is one of the greatest siddhars from Tamil Nadu, His Guru is none other than the most powerful Siddhar Bhogar.

Here are some wealth giving yogas prescribed by Pulippani.

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Maharaja Yoga 

If in houses 4 and 7 there are planets in strength, the native will not live alone. He will become a ruler of a large country with a big army, elephants and chariots. He will become a millionaire and lead a happy life. 

Maharaja Yoga-2

ย If four planets are together in a sign and others after that, the native will become a ruler of the world with a number of small rulers under his control and command. A big army with countless soldiers and chariots will be under his control. If any other king attacks him he will prove to be his ruler.

Chakravarthy (Great King) Yoga-1 

If a planet occupies 4th house, which happens to be a chara (moveable) sign, the native will become an emperor with army of elephants and horses. With the blessings of elders and Sadhus, he will get royalty from other smaller kings under his protection. He will spend his time happily in the company of attendants.

Chakravarthy (Great King) Yoga-2

If four planets join a benefic in a sign and the other three planets are in the fourth sign from the above sign, the native will become a millionaire, he will have a big army and a big infantry to assist him to extend his powers in all the eight directions.

Chakravarthy (Great King) Yoga-3

 If five planets are in one sign and the other planets separately in four signs, an emperor is produced. He will rule the world. He will have a very big army and the support of a big mass. His Bag will fly beyond the oceans and he will enjoy huge money and a large tract of agricultural lands.

Raja Yoga for Wealth

 All the eight planets must occupy in pairs all the four signs from Aries to Cancer. The native will be wealthy. Aiswaryam means plenty of wealth with gems of all varieties. He will own a number of soldiers, elephants etc. His rule will extend to far off places and lead a powerful life.

Ruler of the World

 If Rahu and Jupiter and Moon combine in one sign, they will produce a ruler of the world. He will be commanding the services of millions of soldiers of the Army. He will be a famous king.

Yoga of Millionaires

If Moon is in Lagna, Jupiter in 6, Venus in 7, Mercury in 8 and other malefics in 3, 10 and 11, the native will be a millionaire with many servants and lead happy and honorable life.

Yoga for Wealth

 Venus in 2, Jupiter in 12 and lagna lord in Kendra or Kona and 9th lord in 11 and aspected by 11th lord, makes the native a very rich man worth thirty thousand rupees worth gold, money etc.

Raja Yoga for Emperor

When Sun in any sign from Capricorn to Cancer and Waxing Moon is in a  Kendra  the native will be born in a family with kingly status. The native will be blessed with such Rajayogam as to match the status of a monarch.       

Ashta Lakshmi Yoga                    

Rahu in 6, Ketu in 12 and Guru in any Kendra give rise to Ashtalakshmi yoga. He will offer sacrifices to the spirits guarding the hidden treasure, take the treasure out and enjoy the fruits of it.

 Lakshmi is the partner of Lord Vishnu. She is the Goddess of wealth. She takes eight forms. They are:

  1. Adhi Lakshmi – the original Lakshmi.
  2. Dhana Lakshmi – bestower of wealth.
  3. Aiswarya Lakshmi -what all one wishes to possess in this world.
  4. Dhanya Lakshmi – Dhanyam means grains like Rice, Wheat etc.
  5. Santhana Lakshmi – children – children and family.
  6. Veera Lakshmi – Veeram means courage, boldness and valour.
  7. Gaja Lakshmi – Strength, status and power.
  8. Vijaya Lakshmi – Vijaya i.e. Jayam means victory.

A man is said to be complete with all the eight kinds of Lakshmi yogas if he has Ashta Lakshmi yogam. (1) Jupiter becomes a malefic in a Kendra. (2) If Rahu joins Jupiter, Jupiter becomes a chandala or an outcaste i.e. he loses his benefic nature and becomes a powerful malefic. But the same Rahu transforms the Kendra-based Jupiter into a powerful yogakaraka resulting in the native getting the blessings of Ashta Lakshmi.

Hidden Treasure

If 10th lord is in 4 and lagna lord in trine (1, 5, 9) or 2nd, the native will unearth the hidden treasure and will earn name and fame. He will construct a castle and feed many. If they are all afflicted, the native will become a beggar.

Yoga for Wealth and Poverty

Lord of 2 (Dhanasthanam) 10th lord (Karmasthanathipathy), 11th lord (House of gains)  Lord  of 9 and  karaka  for Dhanam  – if all the four exchange their positions, he will amass wealth, will own a vehicle, money from father, from the Govt. and from abroad (if afflicted opposite result).

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