The Yama Deepam ritual involves lighting a special lamp or deepam dedicated to Yama in the sayam sandhya timing on the day of Dhanteras.

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Yama Deepam – Timings

New York, USA – 10 Nov, 2023 04:43 pm to 06:06 pm

London, UK – 10 Nov, 2023 04:19 pm to 05:48 pm

Chennai, India – 10 Nov, 2023 05:40 pm to 06:54 pm

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Significance of Yama Deepam

The significance of Yama Deepam lies in seeking protection from untimely death and accidents by appeasing Lord Yama. It is believed that by performing this ritual, individuals can ward off the fear of death and ensure the well-being of their family members.

The lighting of the Yama Deepam is symbolic of driving away darkness and ignorance associated with the fear of death. It is a way of invoking the blessings of Yama to ensure a safe and prosperous life for oneself and one’s loved ones.

How to light a lamp on Yama Deepam

  • At the designated Yama Deepam timings, light a lamp with heartfelt devotion and offer prayers to Lord Yama, seeking his protective blessings.
  • Encourage every member of the family to light their individual lamps.
  • Position the lamp outside the home.
  • Following the lighting of the lamp, recite the Kala Bhairav Ashtakam.