Ketu moved into the sign of Virgo on Oct 30, 2023 and will stay there until May 2025. Whenever the Moon transits Virgo it will be conjoined Ketu. This conjunction may make you emotionally sensitive and prone to mood swings. You may struggle to express your feelings and connect with others on an emotional level. On the positive side, this conjunction can enhance your intuitive and spiritual abilities.

Powerful Ritual

Lord Ganesha is connected to Ketu and in Virgo Lord Ganesha is invoked as Vikata. So whenever the Moon transits Virgo, you can chant the mantra – Om Vikataya Namah 108 times. This practice can enhance your intuitive capabilities and provide you with the clarity you seek, aiding you in making more informed decisions, a crucial factor for a joyful and prosperous life. Additionally, it can help remove any obstacles that may be hindering your progress.

Upcoming Dates for Moon and Ketu Conjunction in Virgo

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