This post is part of the Cosmic Conversations – A series of imaginary stories written to help understand the nature of planets, nakshatras and their subtle qualities

Me to Ashlesha Nakshatra – Namaste! I am writing a blog post about how to win over people who fall under your asterism. Can you help me with some tips!
Ashlesha – Yes, sure I can help you with that. But what do I get in return ? Anyways here is a list

1. I like to embrace and be embraced. So if you are not a good hugger, then am sorry you don’t stand a chance.
2. Do not try to police me, I like to maintain my own secrets and don’t like you to invade my space. But I would like to know all your secrets and whether you like it or not I will know it in my own ways.
3. When I advice you, you better listen to me because my intuition works most of the time.
4. I am very protective about my loved ones.
5. I will like to impress you but I may not be explicit about that.
6. When I am not happy, I still manage to look happy. So it will be hard for you to know my state of mind.
7. It will be very hard for me to trust you I have my doubts. It’s not about you it’s about me I will take time to trust anyone.
8. I am very observant but it is not so obvious.
9. If I sense danger which I do quite often I react very quickly.
10. I am willing to help you with everything. But you have to appreciate me and be grateful.
11. It will be very hard for you to know my true feelings.
12. I get deceived easily. But once you deceive me you will always be looked upon through my suspicious eyes.
13. I find it hard to let go. So you may have to find a creative way to help me with that.
14. I have an innate talent to understand hidden and mystical wisdom and knowledge.
15. Even if I look passive on the outside my mind is extremely active. But you may not be able to tell that by looking at me.
16. In most cases I work behind the scenes.
17. There is a constant war between my intellect and my emotions.
18. I like to take charge of my surrounding and once I take charge I go to the extremes to give my genuine care.
19. If you become my enemy, then its your worst luck. My enemies don’t stand a chance as I have the ability to crush them.
20. You may become too attached to me and you may find it hard to stay away from me once you become mine!
21. Yes, I love micromanaging things.
22. I have an emotional need to intervene in your life if I love you.
23. You can easily identity me through my penetrating glare and my hypnotic eyes.
24. I am shy, but you may misunderstand it as arrogance.
25. One thing you should never do is to underestimate me and my powers.
26. I am very strict when it comes to doing the right things according to my own dharma.

Me to Ashlesha – Thank you so much.

Ashlesha – I hope it benefits me as much as it benefits you!