This post is part of the Cosmic Conversations – A series of imaginary stories written to help understand the nature of planets, nakshatras and their subtle qualities

Me to Saturn – looks like you are finally out of Mula Nakshatra. Let me know what we can expect from you now.

Saturn – yes am out of Mula for now but I will return there when am Retrograde.

Me – are you going to be nice to us in Purva Ashada ?

Saturn – Look, I am always nice.

I will give you some tips to handle me in Purva Ashada

1. The company you keep is very important. your emotional makeup is very much dependent on that. So if you have toxic relationships, then I may help you fix it.

2. Have patience and persistence to reach your goals no matter what. I won’t like it if you give up too easily.

3. Do not give into the over expansive nature of Jupiter. I want you to have some structure and discipline. Be practical and don’t live in your own fantasy.

4. I will help you uncover your hidden talents so you make the best use of them in this lifetime.

5. I want you to filter out and clear things that have outlived their purpose in your life.

6. I want you to have courage to go through the emotional churning that will bring out the best in you and shed the unwanted toxins as well.

7. I don’t like you to make the same mistakes twice. So make sure you learn and progress in life.

8. Unrealistic hopes and goals are fine as long as you have a practical plan to achieve it.

9. I would love it when you take time to help people who are less fortunate than you.

10. What were your lessons when I was in Mula ? Spend some time reflecting on that and make sure you are working on it when am in Purva Ashada otherwise I will have to teach you again when I move back to Mula. Please don’t make me work hard!

11. Avoid your know it all Attitude and be humble.

12. Don’t dare act without thinking about the consequences.

13. If you talk like you know everything others may believe you but am here to strip your masks and show you your own reality my friend.

Me – wow that was a long list. Are there any remedies?

Saturn – Devotion, Discipline, Hard work, service

Me – Thank you Saturn 🙏

Saturn – Good luck 👍🏻