Astrological Significance

6 planets will be strong in their own signs as the Moon enters cancer on September 13th, 2020.
Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, Mars in Aries, Moon in Cancer, Sun in Leo and Mercury in Virgo (own house and exalted)… And all the 7 planets excluding the nodes are in 7 different houses in Veena Yoga. This is indeed powerful and extraordinary.
This celestial phenomenon would end when the moon would leave the sign of Cancer passing through the Gandanta zone on September 15th, 2020.

It is still very superficial to conclude that just because planets are in their own signs everything is going to be great. A lot more needs to be considered for a powerful time such as the yoga between planets and their placement in the Varga/divisional charts. That said, this is indeed a powerful time to set the right intentions and pray. So Use this powerful time to set an intention to manifest your desires.


  1. To empower the Sun and Mars (Agni Tattva or Fire Element) light a lamp.
  2. To purify the Saturn energy (Vayu Tattva or Air Element) – offer an incense stick.
  3. To strengthen the Jupiter energy (Akash Tattva or Space Element) – Offer flowers to the divine.
  4. For the Moon (Jala Tattva or Water Element) – Take some water in a glass, cover it with your hands and chant the mantra Aum namo bhagvate vasudevaya – 27. 54 or 108 times and drink it.
  5. For Mercury (Prithvi Tattva or Earth Element) – Offer Chandan or Sandalwood paste to the divine.
  6. Listen to Vishnu Sahasranama.

Powerful Timings

There are few time slots (muhurtas) that are highly auspicious during this time to set positive intentions for the fulfillment of desires.

  1. When Scorpio is rising (ascendant) – Because it places Jupiter in the 2nd house (wealth) Saturn in the 3rd House (hard work and courage), Mars in the 6th House (strength to cruise over obstacles), the moon in the 9th house (spirituality), Sun in 10th house (directional strength and achievements) and Mercury in 11th house (fulfillment of wishes).
  2. Abhijit Muhurta
  3. Jupiter Hora
  4. The Golden moments on the align27 app

The align27 app calculates this for you in the rituals section. If not you can use the timing grid on the align27 app to find out the best possible time.

Alternatively, if you are an astrology enthusiast you can use the Current Transit Transit Hitlist module on the Cosmic Insights app!