Vishakha Nakshatra Characteristics

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  1. People have a high regard for you and you like it that way.
  2. You don’t like to be stagnant in life. When things don’t move swiftly it can create a lot of fear in you.
  3. Most of the time when you have an outburst, you feel calm and relieved.
  4. You have a deep emotional need for the appreciation of people around you, but you don’t express it. When you get the appreciation you deserve, you perform well.
  5. When you set a goal for yourself, you like to accomplish it by all means.
  6. Sometimes your goal-oriented nature can make you lose your peace of mind,.
  7. Your desires can lead you to the trouble and sometimes you willingly get into these troubled situations due to your fixated beliefs.
  8. You are courageous and hard-working and you believe in yourself.
  9. Once you are determined no one can stop you, except your own self-doubts.
  10. You like to party and experience the finer things in life.
  11. It is rare for you to feel negative, but once you are caught up in negativity, it is hard for you to let go and come out of it.
  12. Once you have made up your mind you never go back. You are 100% devoted to what you believe in.
  13. Most often in life, you are always presented with two paths and you are put in a situation to choose the right one for yourself.
  14. Your longing is very intense. And in those moments you tend to lose yourself in trying to fulfill that longing.
  15. In relationships, you look to find a purpose and in the process, you can lose your own identity and self.

Vishakha Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies

  1. Pray to Radha Krishna. You can also place a Radha Krishna artwork, painting or photograph in your bedroom.
  2. Worship Lord Kartikeya on days when the Moon transits Vishakha nakshatra as Lord Kartikeya is the Adi devata of Vishakha Nakshatra. To know more about the moon’s transit download the Cosmic Insights app.
  3. The Ganesha associated with Vishakha Nakshatra is Haridra Ganapati. Chant the mantra “Aum Haridra Ganapataye Namaha” 108 times to get rid of obstacles and get the blessings of Lord Ganesha.
  4. If you have your lagna or Moon in Vishakha nakshatra, Worship Lord Shiva by offering water, sandalwood paste and turmeric to Shivling on days when the Moon transits Swati nakshatra which is the 27th Nakshatra from Vishakha. The 27th Nakshatra is called “Abhisheka” nakshatra and it is highly auspicious to worship Lord Shiva with Abhishekam on this day. After you complete your abhishekam you can light an incense stick and offer it to Lord Shiva.
  5. Light a lamp with Ghee and honor Jupiter on Thursdays.
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Vishakha Nakshatra’s Deities

Vishakha nakshatra has 2 governing deities Indra and Agni. Indra brings th power, courage and fortitude to this nakshatra whereas Agni brings the wisdom and truth required to use that power in the right way. This helps Vishakha nakshatra to conquer the world and fight for noble causes and put an end to injustice.

Favorable activities to do when the Moon transits Vishakha Nakshatra

War, Executive Ability, Argument, Harshness, Mental Focus, Goal Oriented Acts, Ceremonies, Parties, Functions, Awards, Decorative Acts, Romance, Penance, Resolving, Accomplishing Tasks, Aggressive or Harsh Activities, Executive Talents, Argumentative Tactics, anything requiring Focus on Goals, Celebrations, Ornamentation, Making Resolutions.

Unfavorable activities to do when the Moon transits Vishakha Nakshatra

Marriage, Travel, Beginnings, Tact, Initiations, Diplomacy.

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