Vijaya Ganapathi is the 14th of the 32 forms of Lord Ganesha! HE is associated with Ashlesha or Ayilyam Nakshatra that is operating today! Vijaya means victory! HE bestows success or victory to all our ventures!
It is believed that praying or meditating on this form of Lord Ganesha gives instant relief from all issues and problems in life!
“Ashlesha also known as Ayilyam in tamil – The clinging star!
Key Themes to look out for today!
1)Ashlesha means Intimate connection, contact etc.
2)Embrace, Entangle
3)Great mystical talents and enlightenment when tapped into their energy
4)Good day to bundle things up – anything to do with binding, entwining, connecting etc.
5)Great day to disposing useless items.
6)Kundalini Yoga/Meditation will be very effective today.
7)Things may seem deceptive and controversial.
8)Good time to fix water leaks at home.
The Hindu gods Lakshmana and Shatrughna, brothers of Lord Rama, were born under this Nakshatra”