Nritya Ganapathi is the 15th of the 32 forms of Lord Ganesha and is related to the Magha Nakshatra that is operating today!
This form of Lord Ganesh showers gives proficiency and success for his devotees in fine arts. Dancers & Artists seek the blessings of Nritya Ganpathi for success in their creative endeavors.
“Magha – The Emperor of Nakshatras
1)Moon is currently transiting magha, rahu is already in magha
2)Magha is the emperor of all nakshatras
3)Magha is all about ancestral connection
4)Magha natives have piercing eyes
5)Magha natives have problems with Gums/teeth because of aggravated pita
6)Please be aware of what you are talking today because of moon/rahu conjunction in magha.
7)Whatever you get today, give it back or give it back to the universe.
8)Magha is an active nakshatra, and when moon transits an active nakshatra even passive people become very active.
9)Good day for studies of ancient scriptures.
10)Good day to upgrading your possessions, home etc
11)Good day to seek favors from higher officials.
12)Not a good day to lend money.
13)Good day related to do transactions related to real estate.
14)The plans you make today on Magha, you will put them into action tomorrow(Purva phalguni)”