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Atmakaraka (Atma – Soul, Karaka – significator) is the planet with the highest longitude in our birth chart.

AK is regarded as the King of our birth chart. The house owned by the AK planet and the house where the AK is placed in has a  great significance in our life. It is extremely important to honor the soul planet to get the guidance that is needed to fulfill the reason for our birth. Everything we experience in this life is based on the Atma Karaka planet and its placement. When we are in alignment with what the AK planet whats us to do, we succeed and when we are not in alignment with AK planet’s desires we tend to fail.

You can download the Cosmic Insights App to find out more details about your Atma Karaka planet including your Ishta Devata. The soul’s desire can be seen from the AK Placement. We have to look at this in all the divisional charts as well especially D9 and D60.

There are 2 schemes followed while determining the Atma Karaka – The 7 Karaka scheme which does not include Rahu as an AK and the 8 Karaka scheme which includes Rahu as well. I personally prefer the 8 Karaka scheme as Rahu holds the mystery of our birth.
Great saints are seen with Rahu as the Atma Karaka. Example – Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Prabhupada.

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Rituals to honor your Atma Karaka Planet

1. Meditate during the hour ruled by the AK planet. Every hour is ruled by a planet and this is known as “Hora”, Use the align27 app to find out the hours ruled by your AK Planet on any given day.

2. Once a month keep a fast during the day ruled by your AK planet. (from sunrise to sunset). Every day in the week is ruled by a planet. Sunday – Sun, Monday – Moon, Tuesday – Mars and Ketu, Wednesday – Mercury, Thursday – Jupiter, Friday – Venus, Saturday – Saturn and Rahu. You can choose the day of your AK planet and keep a simple fast. Avoid non-vegetarian food and alcohol on this day.

3. Visit the Jyotirlinga connected to your Atma Karaka. (the sign of Atma Karaka in D9 chart). This list is available on the Cosmic Insights App.

4. If you cannot visit the Jyotirlinga you can also chant the Mantra of the Jyotirlinga during the hora of your AK planet. This is available as a personalized ritual on the app

5. Be mindful of the lessons the AK planet is trying to teach you as that is one of the biggest lessons we have to learn in this lifetime.

6. Worship the deity connected to your Atma Karaka on days when the moon transits the nakshatra of your AK planet. Every planet rules 3 Nakshatras, so on days when the Moon transits the Nakshatra ruled by your AK planet, you can worship the deity connected to that planet. This is available as a personalized ritual on the app.

7. Worship the form of Lord Vishnu connected to the sign of your AK planet when the moon transits Shravana Nakshatra. This is calculated based on the sign occupied by your AK planet in the D9 chart. Shravana nakshatra is ruled by Lord Visnu, so this is a good day to worship the form of Lord Vishnu connected to your AK planet. This is available as a personalized ritual on the app.

For personalized predictions and rituals based on planetary transits and your own birth chart download the app.