Vasant Panchami is celebrated in the Vedic month of Magha, on the 5th waxing lunar day (Panchami). This year it falls on Jan 25th/26th, 2023. For local timings download the align27 app.

2023Jan 25th/26th
2024Feb 13th/14th
2025Feb 2nd
2026Jan 23rd
2027Feb 11th
2028Jan 31st
2029Jan 19th
2030Feb 6th/7th
2031Jan 27th
2032Feb 15th

In Vedic astrology, the 5th house represents education, learning, creativity, arts, and love. The natural 5th house in the zodiac is Leo and Magha nakshatra ruled by Ketu (intuition) falls in the sign of Leo.

This festival is dedicated to the goddess Saraswati who is the ancient goddess of knowledge, language, music, arts, science, and technology. She symbolizes creative energy/power in all its form, including longing and love! Astrologically Vasant Panchami is a day which is auspicious to start all good work. People worship Goddess Saraswati to attain enlightenment through knowledge and to rid themselves of lethargy, sluggishness, and ignorance.

Performing the Saraswati Puja or Listening to / meditating on Goddess Saraswati Chants are very effective on this day!

Vasant Panchami Rituals

  1. You can chant the mantra “Aum Aim Saraswatye Namah” 108 times. Worshipping Goddess Saraswati on Shukla Panchami gives perfection in all kinds of learning and education.
  2. You can wear yellow colored clothing on this day to imbibe the cosmic energy that this day brings forth. The color yellow signifies warmth, glow, auspiciousness and spirituality.
  3. You can prepare sweet rice with saffron and offer it to Goddess Saraswati.
  4. Goddess Saraswati is the divine energy behind speech (2nd house) The best way to purify your speech is by silence. You can observe a few hours of silence today and spend time in Meditation and spiritual discourses. This will strengthen your 2nd house (speech and wealth).
  5. Children are initiated into learning and education on this day. Akshar-Abhyasam or Vidya-Arambham are usually done on this day!
  6. For personalized remedies and rituals download the align27 app.