Sun and Saturn will be closely conjunct (3 degree orb) from 03 Feb 2022 until 09 Feb 2022. The exact conjunction will be on 04 Feb 2022.
The Sun will combust Saturn in Shravana Nakshatra Pada 4 from 4 Feb until 06 Feb.

Shravana Nakshatra (The asterism of listening) is ruled by Lord Vishnu. Saturn is darkness and the Sun is light. Worshipping Lord Rama or just chanting HIS name is one of the best remedies for Saturn. So just chant Rama Rama Rama as prescribed in Vishnu Sahasranama whenever you feel the intensity of this transit.

Sun represents the leaders, kings, people in authority positions, life, light, ego, etc.
Saturn represents servants, people who provide service, darkness, delays, etc.

When the Sun combusts Saturn, there could be a lot of tension especially between people in authority positions and people who provide Services. Be detailed oriented and work harder during this transit as that is one of the traits of Bhaga Aditya (who lords the sign of Capricorn where this combustion occurs). You should avoid egoistic behavior. One of the greatest lessons that combustion teaches us is to be humble.

Here are some remedies that you can do

  1. Donate money towards eye treatment of people who cannot afford it.
  2. Gift headphones or ear phones to people who provide some kind of service to you.
  3. Help people who have hearing disabilities
  4. Donate iron incense stick stand
  5. Listen to or chant the Vishnu Sahasranama.
  6. Honor Bhaga Aditya with the mantra – Aum Ghrini Bhaga Aditya
  7. Honor the Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga with the mantra – Aum Namah Shivaya Namo Bhimashankaraya.
  8. One of the best remedies for combustion is Abhishekam. When you pour water on Shivling, it helps to remove the malefic effects of combustion.
  9. Visit Kali temple or donate to a Kali temple.

For personalized remedies download the align27 app. You can also use the Japa108 app for Mantra chanting.