Jupiter is the harbinger of joy, abundance, happiness, prosperity, spirituality, and wisdom. Here are some insightful remedies to strengthen Jupiter’s influence in your life.

Moisture – Jupiter’s Affinity with Water

Jupiter’s exaltation in Cancer—a cardinal water sign ruled by the Moon, which itself symbolizes the water element—highlights the profound connection between Jupiter and moisture. This relationship underscores the importance of avoiding dryness, which is symbolically linked to Saturn.  Capricorn (Saturn’s sign) is where Jupiter finds its challenges, feeling constrained and weakened (debilitated).

To align with Jupiter’s vibrancy, it’s essential to maintain a well-hydrated body. Regular application of moisturizer, especially on the feet and legs, becomes more than a mere act of self-care.

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Jupiter and the Nose – The Significance of Nasal Cleanliness

Jupiter’s rulership extends to the nose. The act of cleansing your nose, particularly after showering, is a potent remedy to strengthen Jupiter. Ensuring that your nasal passages are clear of any obstruction or dirt a simple yet profound act that can strengthen Jupiter in your life.

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