Vara means Vedic Day. Every day of the week is associated with a planet, Sunday – Sun, Monday – Moon and so on, similarly every hour is ruled by a planet and this is called ‘Hora’.

Panchanga is the foundation of every chart and should be seen as the basis of chart interpretation. It means “five limbs” pancha – five and anga – limb. These five limbs are linked to the five elements: fire, water, earth, air, akash. The entire world is made up of these five elements and the mind experiences the world through these elements.

In our birth charts we can see if there are incompatibilities and difficult combinations that need healing or can be forewarned and able to prepare, as needed to address the flaws and weaknesses of one or more of the limbs so we can apply a remedial measure.

The day Lord is the energy in the body, energy we have inherited, how we act, verve, gusto and enthusiasm for life. Hora Lord is how we use that energy. The relationship between these two Lords shows how we use our energy and issues that manifest around directing our life force energy.

Learn more about the secrets of Vara and Hora on the webinar by SueAnn Mckean on Sunday 21st April

Tips on how best to align with the Vara and Hora Lords for each day of the week:

Sunday – ravivāra is ruled by the Sun, a harsh, cruel planet. Unlike Mars, Sun is harsh and cruel in order to purify the soul of ignorance so the truth can shine through. Career enhancement activities, Sun bathing, health focus, sports, government paperwork and taxes, authority figures.

Monday – somavāra is ruled by the Moon, a soft benevolent planet. This is the best day for social activities, public relations, a family get together sharing food, especially with mother(s). Activities at home and other domestic improvements that enhances comfort and other personal needs that is supportive to one’s health and well being. Positive qualities of Moon born people are: nurturing, flexible, peaceful, supportive, calm, takes secondary position.

Tuesday – maṅgalavāra is ruled by Mars, a harsh, cruel planet. Mars – physical activity, competition, martial arts, boxing, wrestling, rough & tumble play with kids, court litigation, confronting an adversary, sports, brothers, surgery, hair cut.

Wednesday – budhavāra is ruled by Mercury, a soft benevolent planet. Wednesday is a good day for friendly communications, mental work, clerical work, education, information gathering, errands, presentations, business negotiations and computing and shopping for computers, phones and other technical devices related to communications.

Thursday – bṛhaspativāra or guruvāra is ruled by Jupiter, a soft benevolent planet. Seeing an advisor, counselor or financial planner, philosophical discussions or lectures, religious activity, travel, education, being with children.

Friday – śukravāra is ruled by Venus, a soft benevolent planet. Venus – romance, emotions, therapy, social life, family outing like a picnic, going for a leisurely car ride, sensory or sensual experiences, the arts, entertainment.

Saturday – sanivāra is ruled by Saturn, a harsh, cruel planet. Saturn – organizing, getting rid of old, useless, worn out objects, shopping for antiques, garage sales, business chores, house cleaning, yard work, paying bills, taking care of responsibilities, weight lifting, dog training.

The webinar will focus on the fire element as represented by the fire grahas Sun, Mars and Ketu and the Vara and Hora Lord. You see how fire energy manifests in us through understanding the Vara, the day of birth and the Hora, the hour of birth.

You will also learn how to see the fire element in natal and muhurtha charts. For example, if you were born on Monday then the Moon, even though it is a water planet, will carry the fire energy and show energetic strength and vital force at a fundamental level. From the Vara Lord we understand more deeply, flaws and strengths in our energetic setup giving vital information regarding our constitutional fortitude, health and wellbeing.


For nearly 30 years SueAnn has studied, practiced and taught beginner and advanced students about the science of Vedic astrology. SueAnn has previously conducted Nakshatra Pada’s Courses with Cosmic Insights on the 108 steps of the Lunar Mansions: The pathway of the Vedic Devatas.