It is not surprising that Saturn is often referred to as a karmic planet. The placement of Saturn in our charts holds the key to understanding our pending karmas.

When you learn to make Saturn your friend, you will be able to unlock the full potential of your life. Saturn has the capability to reward you much more than Jupiter or Venus who are often referred to as the greatest benefics.

How to make friends with your Saturn?

1. First and foremost you need to get rid of the belief that Saturn is a malefic planet. This will clear your perspective and make you more open towards understanding who Saturn really is and what does he expect of you in this lifetime.

2. Secondly, we must learn to accept him as he is. His ways of teaching is very different from that of Jupiter or Venus. But that’s who he is. Once we learn to accept him, the path to understand his lessons becomes very easy.

3. Understanding Saturn – This is one of the most important step. Imagine a tough professor whose only job is to make sure his students pass out in flying colors. The professor may not be friendly and popular among students but certainly he is the one who cares for them the most. He chose to risk his popularity for the benefit of his students. Saturn is the same. He is a tough task master, but his only aim is to make sure you live the life that is destined for you to the fullest. The placement of Saturn by house, sign and his aspects, his Nakshatra etc are very important to understand the lessons Saturn is trying to teach you.

4. Once you understand and finally figure out the lessons of Saturn, the next important step is to make a conscious effort to learn and grow. We are allowed to fail, we are allowed to make mistakes, but remember Saturn does not want us to make the same mistakes twice. So with every event it is important to bring about some awareness and take some time out to learn what that event taught us in life, what are the key takeaways, how can we improve? These are very important for Saturn. He is such a disciplinarian himself and he expects us to be the same.

5. Once we start doing this and you commit to doing this for a long period of time without expectations of some magic to happen then slowly we get closer and closer to Saturn as a friend and as time goes by Saturn will become the guiding force in our lives.

6. Rewards are available in plenty with Saturn but the one and only condition to get them is not to expect them. If we do all that is right and start thinking that yes! We deserve a reward now, then Saturn is not going to reward us, instead he will create situations in life that will humble us. So karma yoga – do everything and forget about the result is the way to go.

Signs of a weak or negative Saturn

1. Fatigue or Tiredness – Inability to stay energetic throughout the day even after a good night’s sleep. – The way to fix this is Pranayama or Breathing exercises.

2. Feeling Cold – If you tend to feel cold it is again a sign of a weak Saturn. One way to fix this is by taking cold water showers and conspicuously embracing the cold weather.

3. Stress – This is again a sign of a weak Saturn. We all feel stressed at times, but if you feel stressful continuously then you need to stop, take a break and examine the underlying reasons for your stress and resolve to do something about it.

4. Lethargy – If you are unable to remain active and passionate about life and your goals in general it is because of a negative Saturn influence. Finding what you truly love and aligning your life with that will help you come out of lethargy. It is important for such people to have a larger goal in life and find practical ways to accomplish them.

5. Poor Health – This is again a sign of a weak Saturn. Do not take your body for granted. Find ways to improve your health and not let it change it to disease.

6. Impatience – If you are always in a hurry to get things done and lack patience and perseverance this is a sign of a weak Saturn. Consciously slow down, be more alert and attentive. Meditation will help you greatly.

7. Significance Delays – If you experience significance delays in most parts of your life, then it is a sign of a weak Saturn. You need to have a proper planning in place to manage your time and life. More disciple is required to combat this weakness.

8. Frustrations and Disappointments – Saturn is known to create frustrations and disappointments to make you more strong. So if you are unable to manage them, then they start affecting you and everything you do as well. Managing your expectations is the key to get rid of this.

9. Losses – If you experience more losses in life than gains, then it is a sign of a weak Saturn. This is a serious issue and needs more in depth understanding of the Saturn lessons you have to learn in life and taking more responsibility to learn them.

10. Loneliness – Saturn can sometimes make you feel disconnected with the world around you. Making friends with your own self with a proper spiritual routine like meditation and chanting will help you combat this.

11. Fear – If you experience a lot of fear and anxiety in life it is a sign of a weak Saturn. The way to come out of this is to embrace life and spending some time in Spiritual knowledge. You can watch commentaries on Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Ashtakavarga Gita, Bhagavad Gita, etc.

12. Dependency – We are all connected and we all depend on each other and the world around us, but if this goes out of balance then we tend to become clingy and we are unable to do things on our own. The best way to manage this is to serve people around you.

In the part 2 of this post, we can explore the signs of a strong Saturn and steps to understand Saturn’s lessons for us in this lifetime.

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