Transits and Special Events for February 2020 – Vedic Astrology

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Feb 3 to Feb 12th – Mars in Gandanta 

Mars the planet of action and aggression goes into the sensitive Gandanta zone from Feb 3rd until Feb 12th. During this time Mars will transit from the last pada of Jyeshta nakshatra (Scorpio) into the first pada of Mula Nakshatra (Sagittarius). The most intense period of this Gandanta transit is between Feb 6th until 9th.

What is Gandanta?

Say you have a wound and you have covered it with a bandaid. And imagine someone just pulling it off without any idea if the wound has healed or not or without any idea about the intensity of the wound is, ouch that hurts. If the wound is still fresh, that is. That’s an example of Gandanta – it’s a spiritual knot and when planets transit over these points it’s almost like pulling a bandaid off not knowing if the wound is healed or not. The intensity of the pain will be dependent on the extent to which the wounds have healed. And these are wounds not just from this lifetime they are wounds from all previous lifetimes put together,  So you have no idea what these wounds are how they happened etc, it is beyond your perception! That’s why we call Gandanta as a karmic zone!

In Vedic astrology – junctions between fire and water signs(which cannot coexist, obviously) are called Gandanta Zones.

Feb 3 – Venus exalts in Pisces

Venus enters into it’s sign of exaltation on Feb 3rd and the exact exaltation degree transit will be on Feb 26th. This is a great time for Libra and Taurus moon/ascendant signs.

Feb 8 to March 23 – Mars in Sagittarius

Mars will enter the sign of Sagittarius on Feb 8th and it will conjoin Jupiter and Ketu. Feb 19th to 1st March – Mars and Ketu conjunction in Mula nakshatra and the exact conjunction happens on Feb24th. Feb 28th to March 7th, Mars will be conjunct Jupiter and the exact conjunction happens in Uttara Ashada nakshatra on March 20th.

Mars in Mula – 7th Feb until 27th Feb, Mars in Purva Adhada – 27th Feb until 17th March. Mars in Uttara Ashada (Sagittarius) from March 17th until 23rd.

Feb 16 to 09 March – Mercury Retrograde 

Mercury will be retrograde in Shatabhishak Nakshatra in the sign of Aquarius.

Feb 13 to March 14 – Sun moves in the Aquarius

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Special Events – Feb 2020

To see the significance of the monthly events check this post.

  1. Feb 1 – Bhishma Ashtami
  2. Feb 2 – Monthly Karthigai
  3. Feb 4 – Ekadashi
  4. Feb 5 – Bhishma Dvadashi
  5. Feb 6 – Pradosham
  6. Feb 7 – Thai Poosam
  7. Feb 8 – Magha Purnima
  8. Feb 11 – Sankashta Chathurthi
  9. Feb 18 – Ekadashi
  10. Feb 20 – Pradosham
  11. Feb 21 – Maha Shivratri
  12. Feb 22 – Phalguna Amavasya
  13. Feb 27 – Monthy Vinayaka Chathurthi
  14. Feb 28 – Monthly Skanda Shashti
  15. Feb 29 – Monthly Karthigai

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