The lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, change signs once every 18 months. On April 12th, 2022 (mean node) Rahu will transit from Taurus to Aries, and Ketu will transit from Scorpio to Libra. The nodes are always in retrograde motion which is why they move backwards.

Based on Kala Purush, Aries is the natural 1st house of the zodiac, and Libra is the natural 7th house ruled by Venus. So this transit will see a balance between the first house of self versus the 7th house of others.

Detailed Timings

Rahu in Aries and Ketu in LibraApr 12, 2022 – Oct 30, 2023
Rahu in Kritikka (Aries)Apr 12, 2022 – Jun 14, 2022
Rahu in BharaniJun 14, 2022 – Feb 20, 2023
Rahu in AshwiniFeb 20, 2023 – Oct 30, 2023
Ketu in VishakhaFeb 08, 2022 – Oct 18, 2022
Ketu in SwatiOct 18, 2022 – Jun 26, 2023
Ketu in Chitra (Libra)Jun 26, 2023 – Oct 30, 2023

Timings for Chennai, India. For local timings download the Cosmic Insights App. 


The eclipses always happen in the signs where Rahu and Ketu are placed.

Here is the list of Eclipses in 2022 (Timings for Chennai)

Solar Eclipse (Partial)May 1, 2022 – 12:15 am – 4:07 am
Lunar Eclipse (Total)May 16, 2022 – 7:02 am – 12:20 pm
Solar Eclipse (Partial)Oct 25, 2022 – 2:28 pm – 6:32 pm
Lunar Eclipse (Total)Nov 8, 2022 – 1:32 pm – 7:26 pm
Solar Eclipse (Annular-Total)Apr 20, 2023 – 7:04 am – 12:29 pm
Lunar Eclipse (Penumb)May 5, 2023 – 8:44 pm – May 6, 2023 – 1:01 am
Solar Eclipse (Annular)Oct 14, 2023 – 8:34 pm – Oct 15, 2023 – 2:25 am
Lunar Eclipse (Partial)Oct 28, 2023 – 11:31 pm – Oct 29, 2023 – 3:56 am

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Rahu in Aries – Insights

Aries is the sign of newness, excitement, adventure, individuality, competition, initiative and independence.

The Sun gets exalted in Aries and Saturn gets debilitated. When Rahu is in Aries, it inspires you to enjoy life without limitations and boundaries. Here the focus is on the self. You might find yourself taking a “what’s in it for me” attitude, and you could find it hard to think from other’s perspective, making it challenging to maintain harmony with others. 

This phase may push you to revisit your priorities and will give you immense energy and courage to pursue your goals. But it is extremely important that you don’t end up hurting the people around you in the process. It’s wise to ensure your goals are wholesome and will benefit not just you, but others too.

Rahu in Aries will make you question the status quo and won’t let you settle for anything less than your expectations. To find success, it is important to be righteous and dharmic in your approach (the Sun gets exalted in this sign).

Since the focus is on yourself, it could make you egoistic, so awareness is key to avoid being selfish and stubborn. But if you are aware of this energy, you can use it to bring about a revolution that not just benefits you, but the world at large.

If you are someone who carries self-doubt and fear, don’t give in to the negative energy of this placement as it can make things very difficult for you. Instead, this is the time to come out of your shell and show your talents to the world!

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Ketu in Libra – Insights

Libra is the sign of balance, comparison and equality. It is also the sign of the marketplace or place of business. Saturn gets exalted in this sign and the Sun gets debilitated.

Ketu in Libra will put you on an endless search for liberation through relationships. You may enter into a relationship seeking some kind of fulfillment, but this will make it difficult to sustain. The keyword here is ‘balance’ – you may have to find a balance between what you want and what your partner wants. There has to be some sacrifice from both sides to make it work. Otherwise you could end up rejecting someone due to your own frantic need for perfection and fulfillment, despite no apparent mistake on their side.

This is a great time to go on a pilgrimage with your partner or practise meditation and spiritual activities that will bring fulfillment to your Ketu. Watch out for a tendency to constantly want to please others. Ketu in Libra will need to balance the need to be independent with the fact that we are all codependent. 

Too much diplomacy during this transit will make life stagnant, so we have to have the wisdom to know when to be diplomatic and when to be direct with the people around us. If you are someone who relies a lot on people around you, this is the time for you to learn to listen to your own inner voice and trust your own judgment.

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Remedies for Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra

Strengthen Aries and Libra in your chart

1. Worship the form of Lord Ganesha connected to the signs Aries and Libra. For Aries, it is Vakratunda – so you can chant the mantra ‘Om Vakratundaya Namah.’ For Libra it is Vighnaraja – so you can chant the mantra ‘Om Vighnarajaya Namah.’ This will help you remove the obstacles that come from these signs.

2. Worship the Jyotirlinga connected to the signs Aries and Libra. For Aries, it is Rameshwar Jyorirlinga – ‘Om Namah Shivaya Namo Rameshwaraya,’ and for Libra, it is Mahakal Jyotirlinga – ‘Om Namah Shivaya Namo Mahakaleshwaraya.’ This will make the signs auspicious for you.

3. Worship the Adityas connected to the signs Aries and Libra. For Aries it is Dhata Aditya – ‘Om Ghrini Dhata Adityaand,’ and for Libra it is Pushan – ‘Om Ghrini Pusha Aditya.’ The Adityas are responsible for providing you with all the material needs of the signs.

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Other Remedies for Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra

  1. For Rāhu (18,000 times) Ṛgveda 4.31.1 – Chant this Mantra from the Rig Veda
    kayā naścitra ā bhuvadūtī sadāvṛdhaḥ sakhā| kayā śaciśṭhayā vṛtā||
    ‘Oh messenger of the sky, ever prospering friend, In what manner, and by which method can we achieve clarity.’
  2. For Ketu (17,000 times) Ṛgveda 1.6.3 – Chant this Mantra from the Rig Veda
    ketuṁ kṛṇvannaketave peśo maryā apeśase samuṣadbhirajāyathāḥ|| Awareness is born like the dawn in man,
    ‘Giving brightness to the flame, and form to the formless.’
  3. For Rahu – Strive to make the world a better place to live in. Make conscious life choices that lead to a greener, less polluted world.
  4. For Ketu – Avoid plastic and make an effort to save the oceans. Donate to organizations doing work in this area.
  5. Spend time on projects relating to art, music and creativity on Fridays.
  6. Exercise and engage yourself in physical activities on Tuesdays.
  7. Attend spiritual retreats in tranquil, natural locations – this is very effective during this transit
  8. Listen to Ganesha Atharvasirsha and Durga Suktam every day.

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