The new moon in November 2017 falls in the constellation (Nakshatra) of  “Vishakha”. Vishakha’s symbol is a triumphal arch. So this upcoming month will be about setting up our own victories so as to leave a monument behind. Vishaka new moon is happening around the deep debilitation (lowest) point of the Moon around 2-3 degrees of Scorpio. Scorpio is the natural 8th house of mystery and transformation.  So watch out for emotional outbursts or making emotional decisions. Events may happen around family & emotions, where one is confronting their emotional insecurities and bringing them to light and transformation.

The Scorpio side of Vishaka Nakshatra is sexual and mysterious. Indra-agni the principal deities of Vishaka form a dimorphic pair and it shows the struggle of the cosmic energies between position-passion, supremacy-purification, sexuality-spirituality, and purposeful competition and completion of a major cycle of Karmic and Tantric cleansing. here may also be a shift from Indra’s dominating achievement oriented side to spiritual side of Agni

Vishaka Nakshatra Amavasya (New Moon) shows the complementary joined forces , defeat of the dark with light, conquering of foes, colossal feats of great magnitude, mighty exploits, bravery and shared vision to bring one-pointed focus in life. A great time to meditate to burn our desires, purify our aspirations and cleanse our energies. This is a great time to read about occult sciences, traditional methods of medicine and holistic healing. This is great Santhi (Transitional period) for most of us and these energies will uplift our soul’s purpose. It is also a good month to deal with insurance related themes & other documents surrounding unexpected events. So this upcoming month, we will feel the need to make transformations in our mind for true spiritual progress

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