Mantras bring healing and harmony to your body, mind and soul. According to our ancient seers, there are 108 sound frequencies in the universe based on the movement of planets in the cosmos. (12 zodiac signs x 9 planets) . With the power of mantras you are able to connect with the frequency of the cosmos.

The 9 planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu) have 108 names each. And these names are expressed as Mantras to connect deeply with the planets. This is the safest and best remedy that you can do to amplify the positive effects and nullify the negative effects of the planets.
Out of the 108 mantras – one mantra each for one planet becomes your personal mantra based on your vedic birth chart. Your personal mantra will help you connect with the energy of the planet and with continuous practice the planets will reveal some secrets underlying its purpose in your birth chart.

For better health you can chant mantra of the planet that rules your first house. For a calm and peaceful state of mind you can chant the mantra of the moon. For relationship problems you can chant the mantra of the planet that rules your 7th house and so on.

We have created a report for you to find your personal mantra based on your birth chart. Check it out!

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