Lord Ayappa also known as Hari Hara Sudhan meaning Son of Hari(Vishnu) and Hara(Shiva).

The demoness Mahishi was burning up with anger at the trick the Gods had pulled on her brother, the asura king Mahishasura. As Mahishasura was blessed with invulnerability to all men, the Gods had sent Goddess Durga, to fight and kill him. Thus, Mahishi began performing a fearsome set of austerities, and pleased the creator God Brahma. She asked for the boon of invulnerability, but Brahma said it was not possible so Mahishi planned and asked invulnerability to all men except by the son of Shiva and Vishnu (Both are male & no possibility to give birth to any one). He granted her the boon of ruling the universe and being invulnerable except by the son of Shiva and Vishnu. Since such a person did not exist, she thought she was safe and began conquering and plundering the world.
The Gods implored Shiva and Vishnu to save them from this catastrophe. Vishnu found a possible solution to the problem. When Vishnu had taken on the Kurma Avatar, he also had to manifest himself as Mohini, the enchantress, to save the nectar of immortality (ambrosia or amrit) from the demons who were not willing to share it with the Gods. If he became Mohini again, then the female Mohini and the male Shiva could have the divine child who would combine the powers of Durga as per Brahmand Purana and beat Mahishi. And thus Lord Ayappa was born!

Lord Ayyapa’s human incarnation was “Manikandan”. Baby manikandan was found alone in the pampa forest and the king Raja Rajashekara adopted him. But in the meantime, the queen was pregnant, and now she did not want Manikanda to be the heir to the royal throne. So she faked a mysterious disease that could be cured only by the milk of a tigress. Manikandan agreed to go to the forest and return with the milk of a tigress for his step mother.
The queen was happy thinking manikandan will be killed in the forest. Days later, Manikandan entered the palace riding a fierce tigress and followed by a pack of its cubs. The king and queen realized now knew that Manikandan was no ordinary being. They were convinced of His divine origins, and prayed to Him to be with them for their own salvation and for the safety of the kingdom. However, Manikandan was now determined to leave the place.
The Lord manikandan told the King that he could construct a temple at Sabarimala, north of the holy river Pampa and install His deity there. Ayyappa also explained how the Sabarimala pilgrimage shall be undertaken, emphasizing the importance of ‘vrutham’ and what the devotees can attain by His ‘darshan’.

The chitra nakshatra natives have qualities of both Shiva and Vishnu, yet just like Lord Ayyappa they might have to experience some parenting issues. Just like how Lord Ayyappa tamed the most difficult tigress, the chitra natives have it in them to tackle their inner demons and become victorious in life.