Lord Hanuman is an epitome of strength, service and devotion! And these are the qualities that Saturn is trying to teach us through his placement in our birth charts and his transits.
Praying to Lord Hanuman gives us the power to imbibe his qualities and that is why Hanuman Chalisa is the biggest relief to handle the Saturn energy in our lives!

Our Indian mythology is full of deep secrets. What is the connection between Lord Hanuman and Pranayama ?

Lord Hanuman is the son of Vayu the wind God
Prana is nothing but our own life force energy / Breath

Lord Hanuman is invincible and so is our prana – even science has proved that energy can only be transformed it cannot be destroyed.

There is a story where Lord Hanuman thinks the sun is a big fruit and goes towards it to grab and eat it. Vayu(The wind God) saves Hanuman from getting burnt from the Sun – this shows that when our energy or prana is not directed towards a higher goal in life – it has the power to burn us.

When Lord Hanuman met Lord Rama – The Lord becomes his single pointed attention and purpose in life. He becomes the most devoted servant to Lord Rama. In many pictures we see Lord Hanuman tearing his chest open to show the image of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, this shows the unwavering devotion and power of Lord Hanuman. Similarly when we direct our energy and prana to a higher goal – we become devoted and we gain immense strength in life to overcome any obstacles and move through life with a smile.

When you feel like things are not happening the way you want it to, or when life seems tough instead of blaming the planets, resort yourself to Pranayama and Meditation – It helps you unlock your inner potential and find the strength deep within you!