We all know about the valor, courage and strength of Lord Hanuman.
There is a sweet little story in Kamba Ramayan(Kamba Ramayanam, is a Tamil epic that was written by the Tamil poet Kamban during the 12th century) which shows truly how Lord Hanuman is called “Sollin Selvan” – meaning the one who possesses the wealth of words!
Lord Hanuman goes in search of Goddess Sita to Lanka while Rama anxiously awaits the return of Lord Hanuman. Using his immense strength and powers, Lord Hanuman finds Goddess Sita, but she would not agree to go back with him because she wanted Lord Rama to come and rescue her. So Lord Hanuman flies back to Lord Rama and notices how eagerly HE was waiting to hear about Goddess Sita. Lord hanuman utters the word “Kanden Seethayai” which translates to “Found Sita” – the choice of words is quite spectacular. He did not want Lord Rama’s heart to be depressed even for that one moment after he pauses after saying “Seethaiyai”- Seetha. So he would have actually uttered the word “Kanden” (found)first. This also stands as an example for Lord Hanuman’s unconditional love and devotion towards his lord.