Ketu is the planet which represents separation, isolation, spirituality, and past lives! Moon represents mind, emotions, etc when Ketu and moon are in conjunction you may feel a bit detached, you may find yourself thinking a lot about your past! Past memories may surface up! You may come across people and events that are very karmic! Do not become critical about yourself! Pray to Lord Ganesha who rules over Ketu and make this transit a spiritual experience!


  1. Charlitte Meyer Reply

    How to interpret transit charts do I see what planets are transiting and then superimpose them onto my natal chart?
    If it says Jupiter is iteansirubg the third house of Scorpio do I assume it is influencing where Scorpio is located in my natal chart? So if in transit it is the 3rd house but nAtal it is the 11 th house which house is being activated?
    Please help!
    Thank you

  2. What is being born on a void moon mean for me and i ahve alot of troubles with my true node. No info on it!?

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