The full moon of this month falls on the Nakshatra of “Shravana” and hence this month is named Shravan! It is one of the most auspicious months according to the hindu calendar! The samudra manthan (churning of the cosmic ocean) happened during this month and the deadliest poison that came out of it was consumed by Lord Shiva – but it stopped at his throat and hence lord Shiva is also known as Neelakanthan! After losing his wife sati at the yagna conducted by her father Daksha – Lord Shiva married parvathi (the avatar of sati) during this month! Everyday of this month is auspicious especially the Monday’s! Listening to rudram chant everyday during this month is extremely auspicious! So is chanting of “aum namah Shivaya” or maha mrtunjaya Mantra!