Ekakshara Ganapati is the 17th of the 32 forms of Lord Ganesha and is associated with uttara phalguni (Uthiram) Nakshatra that is operating today!
This form of Lord Ganesh symbolizes the primordial sound “OM”.
Praying to this form of Lord Ganesha is very meditative and HE helps devotees gain control over their senses and mind!
Favorable Activities for today –
Marriage, Sexual Activity, Beginning Activities, Founding an Organization, Dealing with Authority Figures, Administrative Work, Buying a Home, Inaugurations, Performing Ceremonies, Giving to Charity, Diplomacy, and Wearing New Garments or Jewellery
Unfavorable Activities for today – Endings, Completions, Confrontations, Retaliation, Activities requiring Harsh Behaviour, Retribution, Combat, and Lending Money.