Saturn in Sagittarius goes retrograde in the fourth nakshatra pada of Purva Ashadha on April 30th, staying until June 28th. Events and challenges you have faced since last year come back for a reprise, either to ground the lesson home or for you to cut your losses and move on. Saturn is the planet of karma, work, and ambition, and handling its energy requires a mixture of courage, maturity, and detachment – face up to the tests now but don’t become too involved or obsessed.

The fourth pada of Purva is ruled by Scorpio and Mars, which shows the hidden and emotional aspect of the nakshatra. Mars’s influence shows the necessity for drive and determination, and Saturn turning around shows a life scenario which is longer and more involved than you thought at the outset. Perhaps you are keeping a side of yourself private, or trying to maintain a competitive edge by not giving away a secret talent to your rivals.  Purva’s symbol is a sieve, where you separate out quality from dross, and Saturn retrograde is a perfect time to decide if you are to keep working or if your ambition and energy are worth the effort.

In any event, the business you thought past and completed arises again, and either you still have work to do or else someone has a surprise for you. There is invariably an element of fate wherever Saturn is placed and it gives you a higher bar to clear – tasks which you would not volunteer for but provide the wisdom you are strangely grateful for in the end. Purva is known as the ‘Undefeated’ and staying the course now see you attaining invincibility.

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A change of subject gives you a new angle on your studies and extends the length of your course. It is worth spending time going into greater depth and the effort makes you an authority in your field. A trip abroad in the course of your job is intrusive, but the experience is ultimately illuminating.

You have been through deep emotional waters in your relationship and found out a lot about your partner. Saturn takes you for a return visit into this realm and you have the courage and energy to last the course. Unraveling a financial deal takes time but you face the issue squarely and find victory.

Change in your relationship is stimulating and you evolve together and move on to another level. You have to move with the time, no matter how secure or predictable your situation feels. Even when you are single and settled, a new love interest arrives by fate and tests what you really want.

Competition in your job intensifies and gives you an extra spur to achieve. A period of transition is useful if a job acts as a bridge to the calling you actually want. Your amateur interest in healing becomes more than just a hobby, and returning to study again turns you into a true authority.

Creativity is hard work and you relearn old moves and bring them up to date. Build up your skills, take an old project and finish it, no matter what happens – Saturn doesn’t have to rely on pure inspiration. A young person tests your patience but secretly listens to your words of experience.

You build up your security one step at a time and connect with your inner emotional center. A family drama resurfaces, and you take responsibility for making peace and solving the problem. You are in withdrawn mode but indulge your need for solitude and soon you reconnect with the outside world.

This is a perfect time for writing and keeping in touch, especially if you have a document or article that needs editing. Second thoughts prove more productive, even when the effort takes you longer. Your own efforts come front and center and you pursue an ambition which carries your personal mark.

Look into the financial bottom line and learn about the nitty-gritty side of your business – stopping money leaking out is as valuable as making more.  Still, don’t allow start-up costs blind you to a good deal that takes time to mature. Financial invincibility comes when you are firmly established.

You are the pivot everyone revolves around and are expected to take responsibility for bringing a task home. Decide if you have the desire and physical energy to do this work and if you want to work all the time. Lose weight if you desire, and your image takes on more professional quality.

Saturn reminds you of the work you have done on yourself and left uncompleted or abandoned. Whether you revisit this psychological domain or not is up to you, but there is a rich reward to be found in self-exploration.  The extra effort pays off with more inner freedom than you thought possible.

Your efforts on behalf of a group are appreciated, though you may not realize it yet. Politics takes you further into campaigning mode and Saturn’s retro motion gives you a choice as to how closely you get involved. A friend in need returns welcome favour, and you see the situation more clearly.

A job you sought out becomes open again and you understand more about what is involved. There is more work ahead and you need to up-skill and revise your resume – but the effort is rewarded. Your relationship with the boss is complex but not cutting corners saves you time in the end.

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