Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah

Saturn’s sojourn in Purvashada (1st Mar – 6th Jun 2018) and (26 Nov 2018-26 Dec 2019)

After traversing the cosmic galactic center back and forth for a very long time Shani has entered the benevolent Cosmic Waters of Purvashada. Here Shani would be transiting from March 2018 to early June 2018. After a brief phase in Uttarashada it would transit back to Purvashada from 26th November 2018 till 26 Dec 2019 when it goes back to Uttarashada.

Purvashada Nakshatra ruled by Venus as per the Vimishottari Dasha system is often attributed to the creative, pure hearted nature of Venus, inclined towards understanding the cosmic divine. Ruled by the Cosmic Goddess of Water – Apas, this is the culmination point of Venus. Individuals with focal planets here may be inclined towards fine arts, perfumery, music, dance, wine and the likes.

Shani is friendly towards Venus or Shukra. This can probably get the best out of this Nakshatra by bringing in discipline symbolized by Shani in a very positive manner to the creative nature of this asterism.

This is a Ugra (Fierce) Nakshatra, which could create some kind of turbulence. Water may take center stage in some issues; in general we would need to be more cognizant of the importance of fresh water and take proper measures to save water for the future. The healing power of water may also play out during this transit. On the flip side, water acting as a great leveler in the form of floods or famine may also happen. In fact, recently a video on how a major city in the world is running out of water is in the news already.

If you have Lagna, Sun or Moon in Purvashada then this is the perfect time for you to look inward and connect with the divinity within you. A pure hearted devotion towards the higher consciousness would help you in this journey.  Bhakti Yoga may be best suitable for you during this period. Singing hymns in praise of the divine in form of  Bhajans or being part of a kirtan/satsang group would be beneficial. 

You may have to look at which house this transit falls into, and accordingly take care of your health specifically in the areas of water intake, source of drinking water, water borne outbreaks, dehydration etc. 

Especially if the natal moon is placed here, respecting your elders/elderly people goes a long way in helping you through this transit, more so if they are elders with a wealth of knowledge, which is a combination of Jupiter and Saturn. Sometimes, just being considerate to elders makes a big difference.

It is also a good time to honor your Pitris via oblations. Again, this has to do with the water theme associated with this nakshatra.

Avoid arguments that provoke others unnecessarily. Use the patience associated with Shani who takes 30 years to move through the entire zodiac, by embracing peace and patience.

This would also be a good time to eliminate anything that is unnecessary in your life. Be it a habit that you want to get rid of or decluttering your house, your life or your mind. Purvashada is also symbolized by the winnowing basket that removes the husk from the grains. We could all do with weeding out the unnecessary from the necessary from our life.

Abhayasa is any repetitive practice that should be done on a daily basis. Abhayasas that are conducive to health and well-being, like Yogabhyasa especially Dhanurasana (related to Dhanu or Sagittarius), Bhramari (related to Muladhara Chakra – Linked to Saturn) would be beneficial if practiced daily.

Purva has many meanings one of them being before or early and Purvashada is linked to early victory. So, there may be some linkage between hastening things to become victorious early which may not be the same as long lasting or everlasting victory which the next Nakshatra represents. Saturn may help here by acting as a harness to this energy.

Although Apas is the deity associated with this asterism, sometimes Varuna the Devata associated with oceans is also linked to Purvashada. A pilgrimage to a sea side temple/shrine or simply spending time by the sea may bring great happiness since this is in the Dharmic house as per Kala Purusha Kundali. Rameshwaram may fit the bill very well, since it is linked in many ways to Dhanu (Rama), beach side and is a Jyotirlinga (linked to Shiva – Saturn).

If you are running Venus Dasha, then as per the Nakshatra Tribhagi Division Purvashada would have a part to play. That would mean Purvashada would be taking up 6.6 years of the 20 years Venus Dasha. If this comes at a time when Saturn is transiting Purvashada, then even if you do not have any focal planets the above themes would still hold good for you. In which case the house that this transit falls into would be of importance.

How would this Transit affect you based on your Moon sign?

Sagittarius: You are going through the Sade Saati or the 7.5 year period of Saturn. You are now in the second of the three phases each lasting 2.5 years. You may have to deal with some mental stress that this transit may bring about, depending on how strong your Natal Moon is. Meditation and Yoga would be very helpful for you to get through this period. Your health needs to be in check. Chanting any Ganesha mantra would be very beneficial for you to get through this period of time.

Capricorn: The lord of the Moon Sign (saturn) would be transiting the 12th house. This may bring about travel or visits to Ashrams and rejuvenating places.  It also starts the 7.5 years of Sade Saati in your life. Time to look inwards and be ready to embrace change and transformation. It is the perfect time to let go of old patterns that no longer contribute to your life in a positive manner. 

Aquarius: This is a good period for Aquarius moon since the Lord of the Moon Sign would be transiting the 11th House of gains. You may meet old friends, there may be sudden financial changes. But, it is wise to reduce your spending in order to save more money.

Pisces: This is good period for Pisces moon since the lord of the 11th and 12th houses is transiting this 10th house. There may be recognition coming your way. Changes in your job may bring about travel. It is overall a very fruitful period to get things done. 

Aries: For Aries moon this transit would bring you in contact with elders or person of authority. You may want to connect with your father or fatherly figures who have helped shape your principles. Their advice may help you with a challenge that you may be facing.

Taurus: For Taurus moon this transit would be a transformational period. There may be a sudden interest in the occult. There may be gains from your in-laws. You may be inclined towards buying real estate during this period of time.

Gemini: For gemini moon the focus will be on relationships. This transit will inspire you to improve your relationships. Both personal and Business. It is best to handle this phase with patience. Do not give into anger and frustration. Do not make hasty decisions. It is the perfect time to let go of relationships that are toxic.

Cancer: Your health may require some special attention during this period. Eating mindfully would be good. It is also wise to avoid anything that disturbs the balance of your digestive system. Soothing teas would help.

Leo: The focus may be on creativity, education and children. There may be a strong influence from a woman in these areas. Mantra chanting will be very beneficial for you during this period to tap into your past life merits. 

Virgo: Time to give a little attention towards the needs of the home and your mother. You may feel the need to do a bit of spring cleaning to improve your home environment. A temporary assignment may take you away from your home for a few weeks.

Libra: You may have a sudden urge of energy or will power to accomplish tasks that you may not have had the inclination or belief previously that you could achieve it. Your creativity levels may see an upsurge.

Scorpio: There may be changes coming your way. A sudden interest in changing your eating habits, starting a new lifestyle or a need to improve your diet is indicated. Minding your speech will go a long way in helping you through this transit. Do not make impulsive purchases and be more responsible with your finances.

Now we look at how this Karma Karaka would influence you while it is transiting a planet that is placed in Purvashada in your Natal Chart. Saturn has a way of slowing down and making you introspect things in a way like no other planet does.

Saturn transiting over natal Sun: Be careful of how you treat your peers and those who work for you. Extra care would be needed if they happen to be women. You may want to give your father some attention during this transit. You may also need to come to terms with your ego and and look at things from a realistic point of view. Honoring the sun with arghya and listening to aditya hrudayam will help you greatly. 

Saturn transiting over natal Mars: It is wise to be patient and not give into anger during this transit. Saturn may put forth situations that would require you to let go of things and be calm when it may seem truly impossible to do so. Take care of your health and do not stress yourself. Be cautious and careful in general.

Saturn transiting over natal Mercury: You may be a very communicative person, extrovert of sorts with a fiery tongue, good at extempore etc. This transit will help maintain some discipline or niyama into your speech. Be very careful of how you communicate with others especially women. Written Communication in particular.

Saturn transiting over natal Guru: This transit will bring you face to face with the reality of life. You may also get rewards and recognition based on the house this falls in. Prioritizing or organizing and dealing with what is important in life would take precedent. Praying to Lord Ganesha would be very helpful.

Saturn transiting over natal Venus: Saturn the Karma Karaka, would probably bring relationships into the limelight. You may want to look into your relationships particularly associated with women. Identifying what is necessary vs. what is superficial would help.

Saturn transiting over natal Saturn aka Saturn Returns: Depending upon the house this falls in this Saturn return may bring a lot of changes. 

Saturn transiting over natal Rahu or Ketu: This period may cause a bit of anxiety especially regarding areas related to the house this falls in. Meditation and Yoga would be very beneficial. Praying to your ancestors and giving regular tarpanam may help you greatly. 

Again, these indications are in general and do not consider the other transits and placements in your natal chart. Please contact us for detailed consultations.