Here are some imaginary stories about Mars and Saturn that will help you understand their energies. Now that Mars and Saturn are in Sagittarius, it is important that we understand their energies so we could manage them better. Mars is currently in Mula nakshatra, Saturn in Purva Ashadha both in the sign of Sagittarius. 

But Mars will move closer to Saturn on April 3rd and we will feel the intensity of their conjunction. They will be conjunct in the nakshatra of Purva Ashadha.

Conversation 1

Mars and Saturn were husband and wife

Mars (the wife) – Hi Dear, Let’s go for a long drive today.

Saturn (husband) – Sure, will do. I can drive you. You know, i would like to take full responsibility of you.

Mars (the wife) – Well, ok then.

Saturn was driving at a real slow pace, following every single rule and keeping up with every single sign on the road. Mars (the wife) lost her temper

Mars – What the hell are you doing? I said we will go for a long drive. I meant long distance and not long time.

Saturn – Yes, we are going for a long drive dear.

Mars – But how come we are just 2 miles from home. Please turn back. I cant handle this anymore.

Saturn – Dear, but we have to follow the rules. I can’t break the law.

Conversation 2

Mars and Saturn were working together on a project at their workplace.

Boss (Sun) – I am sorry to say this, but we have something urgent come up. I know it is almost impossible, but we have to finish this project by the new deadline.

Mars – Oh yeah, we can definitely do it. I am up for the challenge.

Saturn – It is unrealistic and it is not fair. We will not be able to finish something in 2 weeks which is supposed to take 2 months.

Point number 1 – why was this not anticipated?

Point number 2 – How can you treat us like this? We are humans like you and we can’t overwork ourselves.

Point number 3 – There is no proper planning and structure in this company and projects are doomed to fail if we do not do things the right way

Point number 4 –

While Saturn was talking, mars lost his temper and shouted

Mars – Oh well, Please stop. I can’t handle this anymore. What is up with all the negativity?

Saturn – Well, you code something. You do not test your code, you jump on to the next thing. And i sit here fixing your crap all the time. So you dont interfere in this matter.

Mars – Oh, if i were a tortoise like you, we could not do anything even if we were given 6 months.

Saturn – You are known for breaking code that was already working. So please stop. I prefer doing things in a methodical way at my own pace.

Mars – We are so very incompatible.

Saturn – I have nothing to say to this, mars. Let karma take care of it.

Boss (Sun) – Look guys, i need both of you. Saturn, i know you do not like me because i am in an authoritative position here. But i want you to know that i appreciate you. We need saturn’s discipline and structure but we also need mars’s energy and passion. I hope both of you would consider working on this project for me.