Nava Tara is a concept in Vedic astrology where the 27 nakshatras (constellations) are split into 9 groups of 3 each. Each tara has a different meaning and significance, and they are used to analyze various aspects of our lives like personality, career, finance, friends, relationships, health, etc.

Sampat Tara is a group of 3 nakshatras that is second to one’s Janma Nakshatra. For instance, if your Janma Nakshatra is Rohini, then the Sampat Tara group will be Mrigashira, which is the nakshatra ruling over wealth and prosperity. Other nakshatras that fall under the Sampat Tara group include Chitra and Dhanishta, both of which are ruled by Mars.

Whenever the Moon or any benefic planet passes through any of the nakshatras in the Sampat Tara group, it is considered an auspicious time to worship Goddess Lakshmi. The term ‘Sampat’ means wealth and prosperity, and hence, these transits have the potential to bring about wealth and abundance in one’s life.

Moreover, the Sampat nakshatra also provides insight into the type of wealth that an individual could potentially possess, and how their mind works when it comes to utilizing the resources available.

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Which nakshatras are part of your Sampat tara?

Find your Janma Nakshatra (constellation of the Moon when you were born) using the align27 app.

Based on your Janma Nakshatra refer to the table below to find your Sampat taras. 

Janma NakshatraSampat Tara 1Sampat Tara 2Sampat Tara 3
AshwiniBharaniPurva PhalguniPurva Ashada
BharaniKritikkaUttara PhalguniUttara Ashada
ArdraPunarvasuVishakhaPurva Bhadrapada
PunarvasuPushyaAnuradhaUttara Bhadrapada
MaghaPurva PhalguniPurva AshadaBharani
Purva PhalguniUttara PhalguniUttara AshadaKritikka
Uttara PhalguniHastaShravanaRohini
SwatiVishakhaPurva BhadrapadaPunarvasu
VishakhaAnuradhaUttara BhadrapadaPushya
MulaPurva AshadaBharaniPurva Phalguni
Purva AshadaUttara AshadaKritikkaUttara Phalguni
Uttara AshadaShravanaRohiniHasta
ShatabhishakPurva BhadrapadaPunarvasuVishakha
Purva BhadrapadaUttara BhadrapadaPushyaAnuradha
Uttara BhadrapadaRevatiAshleshaJyeshta

Rituals for Sampat Tara

When the Moon transits your Sampat Tara nakshatras you can do these rituals

  1. Listen to Sri Suktam
  2. Listen to Ashtalakshmi Stotram
  3. Wash your feet before you go to bed.
  4. Offer pure water or fresh juices to the divine. 
  5. For personalized rituals download the align27 app.