Pushkara Bhagas are unique degrees that bring good fortune and positive energy to an astrological chart. It enhances the qualities of the planet located within it. Jupiter is currently in Taurus and 14 degree of Taurus is a Pushkara Bhaga.

By transit Jupiter will be in Pushkar Bhaga (14 degree of Taurus) from 30th June to 5th July, 2024.

When Jupiter occupies Pushkara Bhaga, it gives great results based on the house where Taurus is placed in your chart. The houses ruled and aspected by Jupiter also become very powerful during this transit. When Jupiter is in Taurus, the signs Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn are aspected by Jupiter. If you have planets in these signs, they get a boost with Jupiter’s Pushkara Bhaga transit.

Selecting Taurus as the Ascendant in the Muhurta chart during this time places Jupiter (Pushkara Bhaga) in the Ascendant, amplifying its positive influence significantly. This alignment is exceptionally powerful and highly auspicious.

You can use the Upcoming Pushkar Transit feature on the Cosmic Insights app to learn more about these transits and make use of their auspiciousness.

You can use the Ascendant Feature on the Cosmic Insights app to find out the timings for Taurus Ascendant on those powerful days!