When i was in Tamil Nadu, India I got the golden opportunity to go to some of the local book shops here to find some precious astrology related books in Tamil.

Though there are many many books and authors one particular author captivated me. He is known by the name “Siddha yogi siva dasan ravi”.

I read almost 6 of his books and i had this deep longing to speak to him and discuss astrology and see if he is interested to conduct a seminar for us. But sadly, when i called his wife picked up and said he is no more. I was shocked.

I wanted to share one of the remedies he suggests that can be done by anyone anywhere to get rid off all the doshas (blemishes) caused by the 9 planets.

Most of the rituals are already incorporated into the align27 app.

The book i read was in tamil, but i have managed to translate it here.

The 15 Day Magical Ritual That Starts on Full Moon and Ends on New Moon

You have to start doing this ritual on a full moon day and continue it for 15 days without missing a day until the next new moon cycle.

1. Take a hand full of Nava Dhaniyams (Mixture of 9 grains related to 9 planets available as a packet)

2. Keep the fist in front of your eyes and circle your fist around your head until you come back to the same position. Do this 9 times. You can chant the mantra for each planet in the order of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu during each round so by the time you finish 9 times you have chanted the mantras for all the 9 planets.

3. Once you are done, put them in a new earthen pot. if you do not have an earthen pot you can put them in a vessel filled with some mud.

4. Every day before you go for a shower take a small cup of water in your hands and circle it around your head 9 times. You can chant a mantra for each planet in the order of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu during each round so by the time you finish 9 times you have chanted the mantras for all the 9 planets. Once you are done pour the water into the earthen pot.

5. Repeat step 4 for 15 days starting from full moon until the following new moon day.

6. On the last day apply turmeric and kumkum on the pot. Pray to the pot using the 9 navagraha mantras.

7. Now take the pot in your hands and circle it around your body 9 times and then take it to a river or a lake and put the pot there (if it is an earthen pot) if not you can take it to an isolated place and leave the pot there and return home.

Doing this simple ritual with utmost devotion can help you overcome all the malefic effects of planets and strengthen them in your birth chart.

There is a saying in Tamil “Andathil ullathellam pinndathil ullathu” which means whatever is in the macrocosm exists in the microcosm.

So do not doubt the process, but do this for 15 days and experience a change in your life.

For more such simple and practical rituals, you can book the Vedic Life Coaching Consultation or pre-order our Vedic Rituals book.


  1. Very useful, ancient, traditional, logical and scientific knowledge to follow in daily life for being healthy, happy and achieve satisfaction. Om Namah Shivaya.

  2. could you please tell the mantras for all the navgrahas which need to be chanted? also thr r nav dhanyas you’re talking about. m not sure if i can get a mix pack of same. could you mention the names of all the dhanyas. I wish to do this please. thank you

    • I have started doing it. But the water stinks very badly. And it has become house for houseflies and insects. Now I am not sure what to do?

      • Archana Patchirajan Reply

        you can discard it in flowing water and start again during next new full moon. You have to pour very little water everyday. and if it is not an earthern port, you need to put some soil in it.

  3. कर्म मोक्ष Reply

    Namaste 🙏🏼

    I got stuck at point no 2 now where I was wondering the actual process of making circles by right hand having all grains in that hand, which direction should we circle the right hand , can we have few grains or in which quality so that it can fix ina fist of right hand and circle it in clock wise or anticlockwise, please share your valuable comments.

  4. Vijayalaksmi Reply

    Is it only one day we need to hold the Navdaniya? In our hands rest of the days only water plz clarify

    • Archana Patchirajan Reply

      Yes only one day we hold the grains and put it in the pot

  5. Can it be done even during periods? In 15days i may get periods at end of the ritual. Please let me know. Thank you for sharing.

    • Archana Patchirajan Reply

      Yes as long as you don’t start it when you are on your period

    • Hardik Zaveri Reply

      Can you please specify the 9 grains needed to do this ritual? Unable to find in Google.

  6. Rituraj Singh Reply

    This is awesome I will be doing this but question is when I circle a fist around the head will it be a clockwise circle or anti clock wise circle.

    • Hardik zaveri Reply

      I did it for the past 15 days and today is my last day. The earthen pot soaked all the water and the grains have grown. Anyway today I’ll apply haldi kumkum and submerge in water. It can be done any time of the day right?

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