Rahu is currently transiting in Pisces and Ketu in Virgo. They will be in the Pisces/Virgo axis until May 2025. This transit calls for a balance between the structured approach of Virgo and the expansive nature of Pisces.

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Ketu in Virgo signifies a deep understanding of matters related to health, hygiene, and order, reflecting qualities like attention to detail, discipline, and a desire for perfection.

Rahu in Pisces, in opposition to Ketu in Virgo, encourages the development of contrasting qualities like creativity, intuition, and emotional fluidity.

To help you understand this transit better, here is an imaginary chitchat between Rahu in Pisces and Ketu in Virgo.

Setting: Imagine a quirky coffee shop, where Rahu and Ketu, personified as two eccentric characters, are seated at a corner table.

Rahu: (sipping an overly elaborate Pisces-themed smoothie) Hey Ketu, I’m thinking of starting a dream interpretation blog. You know, help people find their inner fish.

Ketu: (meticulously organizing his Virgo herbal tea set) Oh, please. As if people need more confusing dreams in their lives. I’m thinking of launching an app that organizes daily tasks into efficient routines.

Rahu: Efficient routines? That sounds as thrilling as watching paint dry. Where’s your sense of adventure, buddy?

Ketu: Adventure? I’ll take ‘predictable’ over your chaos any day. Last time you ‘adventured’, our simple shopping trip became an epic journey through every single aisle!

Rahu: (grinning) But it was fun, wasn’t it? Life needs a bit of mystical madness, Ketu. Embrace the unpredictable!

Ketu: Madness is one word for it. I prefer ‘order’. Without it, we’d be living in a world where socks never match, and clocks run backwards.

Rahu: Oh, matching socks are overrated. You need to dive into the ocean of creativity, my friend. Unleash your inner Pisces!

Ketu: (sighs) And get lost in your sea of illusions? No thanks. I’ll stick to my practical Virgo land, where everything makes sense.

Rahu: (playfully) But, Ketu, imagine the possibilities! You could be a mystical healer by day and a stargazing poet by night.

Ketu: (chuckles) And you could be a disciplined scientist by day and… wait, no, I can’t even picture you as disciplined.

Rahu: Let’s compromise – you bring the order, I’ll bring the chaos. We’ll call it ‘organized chaos’.

Ketu: (shaking his head) OK fine, I suppose the world needs a bit of both. Order meets chaos, structure meets spontaneity.

Rahu: Exactly! We’ll be unstoppable. You with your detailed plans and me with my grand visions.

Ketu: (raising his cup) To a world where dreams are structured and reality has a touch of magic.

Rahu: (clinks cups) And where chaos is neatly arranged. Cheers to that, Ketu!

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