Pradosha* or Pradosham is a bimonthly occasion on the thirteenth day of every fortnight in the Hindu calendar. Trayodashi (“thirteen”) refers to the thirteenth day in a lunar phase or fortnight of the Hindu calendar. Each month has two Trayodashi days, falling on the thirteenth day of the moon’s ‘bright phase’ and ‘dark phase,’ respectively.

Pradosh refers to the the twilight period, just before sunset and immediately after sunset, when it is believed that Lord Shiva is in his most cheerful mood and most likely to give of his energies. Therefore the most optimal time for meditation and ritual on pradosham is during an auspicious 3 hour period that falls 1.5 hours before and after sunset.

Check the app for local timings and personalised rituals that you can do on this day based on your birth chart.

You can also visit here to find Pradosham dates based on your location.

The upcoming Pradosham falls on Feb 17/18th based on where you live. Use the align27 app for local timings.

Pradosham Rituals for Prosperity

  1. Chant the powerful Shiva mantra – Om Namah Shivaya 108 times.
  2. Listen to or chant the Shiv Tandav Stotram during Pradosh Kalam. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi fulfils all the desires of her devotees if this ritual is performed.
  3. Offer bael leaves (Bilwa) to Lord Shiva. You can also write the name of Lord Rama (Ram) on the leaf with Chandan or sandalwood before you can offer it to Lord Shiva. Visit here for more information on how to do this ritual.
  4. Donate money or food
  5. Keep a simple fast if you can.

Skanda Purana states that if a devotee worships Lord Shiva on this day will never suffer from lack of wealth for 100 lifetimes and it has the power to redeem us from all our sins from all lifetimes.