Gayatri Mantra is considered as the most powerful and oldest mantra that has been passed down through generations, and is widely recited by millions of people around the world. Reciting the Gayatri Mantra regularly can help to purify the mind and bring peace and spiritual fulfillment.

Gayatri Mantra – Meaning and Significance

The mantra is as follows:

om bhūr bhuvaḥ suvaḥ
tat savitur vareṇyaṃ
bhargo devasya dhīmahi
dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt
– Rigveda 3.62.10

The first part, “Om,” is a sacred sound that is believed to represent the ultimate reality and the divine consciousness. The next three parts, “bhuh, bhuvah, svah,” represent the three worlds of existence: the physical, the astral, and the causal.

The next part, “tat savitur varenyam,” is a prayer to the sun, asking for its blessings and guidance. The sun is believed to represent the source of all life and energy, and is often associated with wisdom and knowledge. The next part, “bhargo devasya,” is a prayer to the divine, asking for its blessings and guidance.

The final part, “dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat,” is a prayer for the individual to be guided by the divine, and to have wisdom and understanding.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar about Gayatri Mantra

“Ga-ya-tri – there are three types of misery. We have three bodies, the gross body, the subtle and the causal body. And in all the three levels there is misery. The human life has to cross-over all the three, and that is what Gayatri means. One who sings it, sails over the ocean of misery to go to bliss.

The Gayatri mantra is one of the greatest prayers mankind has.

What does it say? Let me soak in the Divine, and let the Divine destroy all my sins.

The Divine light that burns all sin, let me adore and soak in that Divine light. And let the Divinity inspire my intellect. See, all our actions happen through our intellect, right? Thoughts come and then you act.

So you pray to the Divine to bring good thoughts into your mind. You pray to the Divine, ‘Take over my intellect. Inspire my intellect’; dhiyo yonah prachodayat.

Dhi means intellect. May my intellect be guided by, kindled by, and inspired by you (Divinity).

When right thoughts come, your action will always be right. When intuitive thoughts come, your actions will be fruitful. So praying for the best thought. Let my mind, my whole life energy be soaked in Divinity. That is the significance of Gayatri Mantra.” – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Gayatri Mantra – Powerful Vedic Astrology Remedy

Gayatri Mantra is also considered to be a powerful remedy in Vedic astrology to help alleviate problems related to the planets and to to invoke blessings and guidance from the divine.

The 24 syllables of Gayatri mantra activates the lagna or the first house and bestows good health, clarity and purity in thoughts, name and fame etc.

Chanting Gayatri mantra on days when the moon transits Hasta and Kritikka nakshatra is one of the best remedies for the Sun and all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Does Gayatri Mantra need initiation?

Yes, Gayatri Mantra needs initiation. Without inititation it is best to listen to Gayatri Mantra or just chant

“tat savitur vareṇyaṃ
bhargo devasya dhīmahi
dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt”

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