In the practice of Vedic Astrology, specific dates and times are regarded as exceptionally potent for making progress in financial matters, particularly in reducing debts. According to this tradition, repaying even a minimal amount of your debt during these auspicious periods can facilitate the repayment of the full debt in a remarkably short period. The concept is akin to planting a seed during the most fertile phase of a lunar cycle, where the conditions are ideal for growth and fruition.

Powerful Days and Timings

You can repay a small amount of your debts on these days. Additionally, it’s recommended to listen to the Rinmochan Mangal Stotram prior to doing so.

  1. When the transit Moon is rising (in the ascendant) in the nakshatras of Anuradha, Ashwini, Kritikka and Ashlesha.
  2. Tuesdays during Mars Hora or when the signs Scorpio or Aries is rising.
  3. Tuesdays, Saturdays or Sundays when Gulika is rising in the Ascendant along with Rikta tithis (9, 14 and 4).
  4. During Sun Sankranti.
  5. When the transit Moon is rising (in the ascendant) in the nakshatra of Hasta on a Sunday.
  6. If the daily yoga is Vriddhi.

If any of the above timings coincide with Vishti Karana then you must avoid paying off your debts during that time.

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