Certain degrees within each zodiac sign are known to significantly enhance the power of planetary placements. When an individual’s planets align with these degrees, it is believed that they receive the universe’s blessings, empowering them to lead a life of exceptional fortune and majesty, akin to that of royalty.

Powerful placements of planets

Check if you have any of these planetary placements in your birth chart!

  1. Sun in 15 Degree of Leo
  2. Moon in 15 Degree of Any Sign and occupying the same sign in 5 divisional charts.
  3. Moon in 8 Degree of Aquarius and in House 1, 5 or 9.
  4. Moon and Jupiter in 5 Degree of Cancer
  5. Mars in 7 Degree of Aries
  6. Mars in 21 Degree of Gemini
  7. Mercury in 15 Degree of Leo
  8. Jupiter in 20 Degree of Sagittarius
  9. Saturn in 5 Degree of Capricorn

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