In the realm of spirituality, there exist powerful hymns and prayers that are believed to have the ability to transcend the ordinary and offer solace to the suffering souls. One such remarkable composition is the Kolaru Pathigam, a set of ten Tamil verses composed by the revered saint Thirugnaana Sambandar. This hymn holds a special place in the hearts of devotees as it is considered a divine shield against the ill effects of planets, or “Graha Dosha” in Vedic astrology.

The Origin of Kolaru Pathigam

The story behind the creation of Kolaru Pathigam is both fascinating and inspiring. Thirugnaana Sambandar, a blessed young saint, was on a mission to challenge his adversaries in an intellectual and spiritual debate. However, he was told that the time was inauspicious to proceed with his plans due to the unfavorable positions of celestial bodies, the planets. Undeterred by this astrological hindrance, Thirugnaana Sambandar displayed unwavering faith in Lord Shiva and declared that the planets could never affect the devoted followers of the Lord. In response to this challenge, he composed the ten verses of Kolaru Pathigam, intended for the benefit of his followers and humanity at large.

The Significance of Kolaru Pathigam

Kolaru Pathigam holds profound significance as it serves as a plea to Lord Shiva for protection against the malevolent influences of celestial bodies. The term “KOL” in Tamil signifies both “planets” and “evil,” while “ARU” means “that which cuts”

Essentially, Kolaru Pathigam seeks the destruction of the evil effects of planets, purging them of their negative impact. Chanting or listening to this hymn, promises the transformation of all adversities into blessings. Each verse concludes with a pledge and assurance that all evils will ultimately turn into good.

The unique feature of Kolaru Pathigam lies in its ability to address all the planets and implore Lord Shiva to mitigate or erase the malefic influences of these celestial bodies. It is not limited to alleviating planetary afflictions but is also believed to overcome various obstacles, dangers, and ills that one may encounter on life’s journey.

Benefits of Chanting Kolaru Pathigam

  • By reciting Kolaru Pathigam, devotees can find relief from the miseries caused by the unfavorable positions of the planets.
  • This powerful hymn is believed to strengthen one’s longevity, promoting a healthier and longer life.
  • It has the divine power to eliminate obstacles and challenges that may obstruct one’s path to success and spiritual growth.
  • Daily recitation of Kolaru Pathigam, blessed by Gnanasambandar’s supreme grace, can reduce the speed of karmic actions, allowing individuals to navigate their destinies with certainty.
  • Students can find value in reciting or listening to Kolaru Pathigam prior to their exams to enhance their chances of success. Likewise, individuals can employ this practice before their job interviews for potential positive outcomes.

Kolaru Pathigam stands as a beacon of hope and protection against the adverse influences of planetary alignments. It is a testament to the unwavering faith of the saint and the belief that the divine grace of Lord Shiva can shield us from the challenges posed by the cosmos, ensuring a path of peace, prosperity, and spiritual growth for all who seek it.

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