The Moon in Krittika Nakshatra today and is not afraid of challenges and opposition! Being a Nakshatra of Agni (fire) and ruled by the Sun – you will feel its power, vitality and strength today! The fire can be used for intelligence, passion, ideas or for jealousy, anger and emotions! Use it for the right purpose! The mythology behind Kritika Nakshatra is about how Karthikeya (the warrior God and son of Lord Shiva, often related to Mars) demolished Taraka (a demon)! Taraka had the blessings of Brahma that only a seven day old son of Shiva can kill him! Karthikeya killed Taraka when he was 7 days old – this shows the power of this Nakshatra! And also shows us that Mars the warrior, was born to defend and protect and not to create wars! Today is significant to invoke courage and to fulfill difficult responsibilities! – Listen to Skanda Shashti Kavacham along with Rudram (Monday is auspicious for Lord Shiva) to invoke the energy of Mars which is in Leo now!